Mariano Rivera Takes His Business Elsewhere

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Once again organizations that should do their business in New Rochelle turn their backs on our local businesses.

Last month we saw the New Rochelle Basketball Association host their fundraiser in White Plains. Now we have Mariano Rivera turning to Tuckahoe as the place to hold his fundraiser. Yes, a fundraiser that will benefit the church the city gifted to him for $1.

With so many restaurants and catering halls in New Rochelle why do these organizations and businesses insist on taking their business elsewhere? Shouldn’t we all be trying to keep our business local? We have great places around the city and business owners more than willing to welcome these affairs. We are in a sorry state when someone actually chooses Tuckahoe over New Rochelle.

Below is the article that made the cover of last weeks Soundview Rising:

The Mariano Rivera Foundation will hold a “ballpark” dinner to meet and greet baseball’s greatest closer, New York Yankee Great Mariano Rivera, on Thursday, May 2 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Olde Stone Mill Restaurant, 2 Scarsdale Road, Yonkers. Bill Evans of ABC- TV will be the host for the evening.

Attendance at the event will support Rivera as he helps the less fortunate, and to allow the Mariano Rivera Foundation to reach its goal of raising much needed proceeds to benefit the Refuge of Hope Church.

The evening will include a ballpark menu, autographs, special raffles, silent and live auc- tions and unique auction items from Rivera’s personal collection.
The honoree for the evening will be Robert Sancho of Bronx Lebanon Hospital for his years of community service in and around the metropolitan area.
The cost is $200 for adults, or $75 for kids 16 and under, and admittance is limited to 150 people.

This is an event that many of our restaurants could have easily accommodated. I have always been a fan of Mariano Rivera but I see that loyalty to New Rochelle isn’t even worth a buck.

2 thoughts on “Mariano Rivera Takes His Business Elsewhere”

  1. turned his back????
    Why does Mariano owe New Rochelle anything? We’re talking about a run down church. Don’t worry, I’m sure NR will get a chance to give parking tickets to church members once it’s renovated. I feel for the private businesses you’re actually talking about, but remember where they’re located.

  2. We must get rid of the New Rochelle BID
    it is a useless organization along with Noam Bramson as Mayor. Let’s hope he wins the election for County Executive so he’s outta here. This guy is a criminal masquerading as someone who helps the community. He has other politicians in his pocket. One’s who I’m thinking are no good for the rest of Westchester. Amy Paulin, JOKE, Suzy Oppenheimer, OLD joke, I don’t see the real politicians coming out for this turkey. Nita Lowey, Joke! She shoulda left congress a long time ago. It’s time the westchester democrats are purged from office. New blood is needed or a whole new philosophy. We don’t need more development. It’s destroying our environment.

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