4 thoughts on “New Rochelle Armory Flag FIght Goes National on Fox News Channel”

  1. This is about to cause the City of New Rochelle a Major Headache
    And you owe this to Strome not having the Balls to tell Mayor Bramson and his Democratic Cronies to stay out of this.
    Its going to be going Viral from here.

  2. Flag
    New Rochelle Mayor and council should be ashamed of the recent decesion to have the Don’t Tread on Me flag removed from the local armory.
    As a United States Marine Corps veteran and current Mayor of Osceola Mo. I would suggest some simple history lessons for the Mayor and council since they must have all been sleeping in class of whichever school they attended.
    Americas freedoms and Constitution should not be tread upon by any group foreign or domestic.

  3. So happy that now the entire
    So happy that now the entire nation knows what fools we have on the council and the moronic decisions they make. I also want to thank the two republicans on the council who voted against taking the flag down. At least two of the seven understand American history, pride and honor.

    1. Oh excellent…
      I wonder how your (citizens of New Rochelle who voted him in thrice) Bramson feels about the country knowing he’s an idiot?

      Wait, if an idiot falls in the forest, does he know he’s an idiot?

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