Ridiculous Politics: Cross Party Endorsements

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If you get a chance read Phil Reisman’s column in the Journal News ” Independence Party may lack ideology, but has a jobs agenda”. It goes hand in hand with my previous post the “Company You Keep”

Minor Party Cross Endorsements are akin to selling your soul. Don’t be fooled. The candidates woo a party just to pick up votes from people who think they are too principled or intelligent to vote democrat or republican. The agenda of a minor party is to garner enough votes to stay on the ballot and stay in the game so they can be “rewarded” after their endorsed candidate wins.

In full disclosure when I ran for City Council in 2007 I carried the republican line (there is a republican party in New Ro?) and the Conservative and Independence lines as well. Why? Because I was told to. Must shut out your opponent from receiving that line. BTW, for one of those endorsements I did not even interview but received it anyway. It is known that I have a great smile so that must have won them over.

If it was at all feasible I would have run as a true independent creating my own party line but our system is not built for that. You want to see bipartisan politics watch a Dem and Republican work together to squash an upstart.

Noam taking the Indpendence line is revolting especially since the party chairman, as pointed out in Reisman’s article stood proud at a Tea Party rally. (Cheap shot alert – Do you think Noam will fly the Gadsden Flag at his rally now? “It is a flag of unity” says Bramson)

On the flip side it is unfathomable to me how a Republican can carry the Conservative and Working Families Party line as well. Right away you tell me you are a confused contradiction only looking to get elected.

So now do you still wonder why I vote for a person instead of a party?

So many words written. I feel like Warren