New Rochelle Avoids New York State Comptroller’s “Fiscal Stress” List Old-Fashioned Way: Not Filing Required Paperwork

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ALBANY, NY — New Rochelle avoided being classified as “fiscally stressed” by simply ignoring the deadline set by New York State.

Two dozen communities in New York have been designated as fiscally stressed under State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli’s new Fiscal Stress Monitoring System. The list includes eight counties, three cities and 13 towns.

The initial fiscal stress list was based on financial information provided to DiNapoli’s office by local communities as of May 31, 2013 and includes only municipalities with fiscal years ending on Dec. 31, 2012. In New York, all counties and towns, 44 cities and 10 villages have a Dec. 31 fiscal year end – a total of 1,043 communities.

There are also 124 local entities that have been designated as “have not filed,” meaning they have yet to submit necessary financial information due to the Comptroller’s office.

New Rochelle is on the “have not filed” list.

Read the entire announcement here.

List of Non-Filers here.


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28 thoughts on “New Rochelle Avoids New York State Comptroller’s “Fiscal Stress” List Old-Fashioned Way: Not Filing Required Paperwork”

  1. New Rochelle Is Fiscally Solvent
    That New Rochelle has not yet filed its 2012 fiscal statement with the NYS Comptroller, only indicates that it must still file its 2012 fiscal statement, and nothing else.

    The false accusations of New Rochelle suffering fiscal stress are uninformed, partisan hyperbole that should be disregarded unless actual facts prove otherwise.

    It is highly likely that New Rochelle is quite solvent. New Rochelle’s per capita income and property values are quite high. New Rochelle’s budget is balanced and its residents have been able to pay any tax increases of the City, Board of Education and Library. Our residents vote to increase their school and library taxes each year, and regularly reelect City Council Members and the Mayor.

    New Rochelle suffers none of the problems that the NYS Comptroller defines as fiscally stressful:

    NYS Comptroller DiNapoli’s monitoring system evaluates local governments on 23 financial and environmental indicators and creates an overall fiscal condition score. Indicators include cash-on-hand and patterns of operating deficits, together with broader demographic information like population trends and tax assessment growth. The scores are used to classify whether a community is in “significant fiscal stress”, “moderate fiscal stress”, “susceptible to fiscal stress”, or “no designation.”

    The municipalities found to be in stress share a number of common characteristics, such as low fund balance, a continued pattern of operating deficits and inadequate cash on hand to pay their bills

    New Rochelle suffers none of those problems.

    1. Brian, facts say otherwise
      Sorry to say it is you who are uninformed, or just carrying the democrat’s water. You are a fountain of misinformation as New Rochelle’s fund balance is dwindling and every new union contract absorbs more fund balance in retroactive pay. One must look at the undesignated fund balance to see what shape the municipality is in and New Rochelle has been at or below the suggested minimum for years. In case you haven’t noticed, New Rochelle empowered a citizens budget committe to find ways to plug a $29 million budgetary shortfall over the next three years. Every budget, presented by the city manager, has stated that New Rochelle suffers from a decreasing tax base. Reassessment has been proposed by the current and past city managers but the democrats won’t touch it as it is considered political suicide. Population is increasing in the south end, mostly middle/low income and immigrant population.

      The partsan hyperbole comes from Doctor Cavalo’s endorsement of Noam Bramson when he states Noam has kept taxes low. This campaign BS is easily exposed when one factors in the refuse fee and library tax.

      In the event you attempt to exploit the “independent auditor’s report”, take into consideration that New Rochelle uses the same firm that has made political donations to many of the New Rochelle democrats.

      When your blue smoke & mirrors clears, it is evident that Noam couldn’t risk having New Rochelle on the Cpmtroller’s Fisically Stress List especially after Comptroller Dnapoli’s report that the New Rochelle Industrial Development Agency was among the worst in New York State giving away over $30,000 in tax abatements to create one new job.

      Honest debate requires facts and while you are entitled to your opinion, you’re not entitled to your facts.

      1. It’s only money
        That’s funny, Anthony.

        Sussman “carrying” the democrats water? Huh? The guy is clearly a reservoir.

      2. Imagine if it gets out in a
        Imagine if it gets out in a very public manner that Noam Bramson purposely requested the City of New Rochelle not file the paper work with the NY State Comptroller so he can avoid the Negative Press associated with the Sanctions from Dinapoli’s office.
        League of Women Voters Candidates discussion
        ” Mayor Bramson can you tell us how New Rochelle is being sanctioned by NY State for fiscal instability while you seem to be touting yourself as the answer for Westchester County Executive.”

        I believe Mr. Astorino has quite the smoking gun. Bramson not filling to hood wink County Voters on his wonder record…

        1. I have no idea why the 2012
          I have no idea why the 2012 fiscal report has yet to be filed with the NYS Comptroller, therefore, unlike yourself and some others at TOTS, I am not jumping to conclusions.

          I am also unsure, which entity is supposed to file that 2012 fiscal report. I assume that entity is most likely the City Manager, but it might be the City Council. If our Mayor is involved, it is as one of seven equal Members of the City Council.

          Outside of TOTS and the NR Republican Committee, this is hardly an issue among New Rochelle’s voters. It will be of no interest to the vast majority of Westchester’s voters.

          If Astorino is expecting to be reelected based on the issues of concern at TOTS, he is certain not to be reelected. Westchester’s voters have other concerns, mainly that our county’s services be maintained or improved, and that our county government doesn’t act biased against minorities – issues that work against Astorino.

          1. Certainly it should be in
            Certainly it should be in your opinion no issue for Westchester Voters. Why would they consider Noam Bramsons real record for how New Rochelle is actually doing under his watch, rather than the Jeremy Sherber Spin you are all in portrayal of.
            The facts are the facts.
            New Rochelle is in some form of Financial Stress.
            They settled with the Police because the Police union understood the leverage of Protesting Bramson during his election period. Thus a deal. Glad for the Police glad they had the ability to force the little guys hand in the matter.
            Now we have New Rochelle not filing on time and I am jumping to the conclusion as I know the beast I speak about. Again Pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain the Wizard of New Rochelle has spoken.

      3. A Galletta – Your Opinions Are Not Actual Facts
        Actually, the Democratic Council Members were pushing for city-wide reassessment for a number of years, and only stopped doing so within the last two years. The last Councilmember to continue to do so, and until her retirement, was Marianne Sussman. Throughout that time I was advocating against city-wide reassessment because I thought it would harm the poorer South End, while benefitting the wealthier North End.

        While I agree that our city government’s costs have been increasing, I dispute that they are unable to pay for it. That allegation of yours is false. Our city government is quite solvent, and will continue to be so. However, to keep solvent, based on the current paradigm, our government must raise taxes, or cut services, or reduce the city’s civil service and appointed-official payrolls, or a combination of those.

        Obviously, new paradigms must be established at some point, in New Rochelle, NY State and the US government. I have ideas that could make our government more affordable, while increasing services and maintaining or increasing our civil service, but I will describe that at another time and/or venue. It would be a distraction from our current conversation, so I am not putting my suggestions here.

        Our city government is not the ones who raise our library or school taxes, as each are independent entities, which I am sure you realize. And our citizens vote to increase their library and school taxes each year, which you also know is true. So you are at best, mistaken, when you blame higher school or library taxes on the our Mayor or the other members of our City Council.

        You are making a false declaration when you write that I “attempt to exploit the independent auditor’s report”. I’ve never read it, so I cannot exploit it.

        In fact you have completely missed my entire point, which is “That New Rochelle has not yet filed its 2012 fiscal statement with the NYS Comptroller, only indicates that it must still file its 2012 fiscal statement, and nothing else.” That statement of mine is completely logical, factual, absent any partisan bias.

        It is only when NR files its 2012 fiscal statement with Mr DiNapoli, that we will find out what the NYS Comptroller thinks of New Rochelle’s fiscal status.

        Whereas, I am referring to actual facts, it is you are stating your opinions as if they are facts. I am engaging in an honest debate, whereas you are being disingenuous, although perhaps you do not realize it.

        1. Brian erroneous again
          Brian, you are soooo off base I don’t know where to start but I will address your falsehoods with facts. Check the city council minutes, available at the NRPL, and you will find that the democrats supported countywide reassessment because it was estimated to cost well in excess of $2 million to reassess on their own. We do agree that reassessment “would harm the poorer South End, while benefitting the wealthier North End”. The FACTS about reassessment are that 1/3 will go up, 1/3 will go down and 1/3 will remain the same. The newer more expensive homes will be reduced, the older homes, especially those in the South End many occupied by fixed-income seniors who can least afford any increase, will increase and the middle-class will remain the same. The other FACT about reassessment is that the main benefit is that certioraris will be reduced, creating a more stable tax base. The final FACT is that after spending over $2 million the total amount of taxes collected will NOT increase so NR will spend millions to gain ZERO tax dollars.

          You claim that my “allegation” that NR is “not solvent” is uninformed. I never used the word solvent so I must presume you are referring to my statement about NR facing a $29 million budgetary shortfall. Ask Mayor Bramson why he commenced, attended and helped write a report delivered to City Council by the NR Citizens Panel on Sustainable Budgets? Better yet, ask Noam for a copy of the report that addresses a $29 million shortfall over a 3 year period. As far as solvent goes, NR has drastically reduced the ranks of the NR Police Department, NR Fire Department & the NR Department of Public Works. I believe the city has seven Parks & Recreation employees to maintain all NR Parks, ball fields etc. NR has borrowed (issued bonds) to pay for retirement costs, not only because interest rates are at historical lows, but also because the fund balance would be nearly depleted had they paid when due so they kicked the can down the road. Take NR out of the above paragraph and apply it to Any Business USA; does that appear to describe a business that is solvent?

          Why you included school & library taxes in your response is beyond me as I never referenced them but I have no problem focusing on them. You state, “Our city government is not the ones who raise our library or school taxes, as each are independent entities”. That is true in a solvent community but here in NR the FACTS tell a different story. The library, at the suggestion of City Manager Peter Korn, decided to include a referendum on the annual budget vote to create a new Library Tax. Until that time, library funding was mandated in the NR City Charter. TWICE, the citizens of NR defeated the new tax, the first vote by a two to one margin. The democratic council was hell-bent on railroading the new tax through so they ignored the will of the people and removed library funding from the charter weeks before the third vote telling citizens that if they defeated the referendum a third time the library would close. The referendum for a new Library Tax passed on the third vote as a result of city council extortion.

          Now my favorite subject, NR school taxes. The NR City Council with 30-year tax abatements to Avalon alone raised the NR school budget by $3 million, the cost of educating Avalon students. Higher budgets…. Higher school taxes as a result of corporate welfare doled out by city council. Once again you are not only wrong but present nothing to substantiate your “claims”.

          I made no false declaration when I wrote that you “attempt to exploit the independent auditor’s report” as I never wrote that. I did write “In the event you ATTEMPT to exploit…..”. You need to read more closely or read responses a couple of times before responding.

          I realize why NR didn’t file the requested information to the comptroller’s office by the specified date and it’s very simple. Noam couldn’t chance having NR labeled a distressed city while running for County Executive. I don’t know what your occupation is but how many times do you believe you could miss a deadline and still be gainfully employed? It is simply a political strategy not to file because anyone that is familiar with City Manager Chuck Strome realizes he doesn’t miss state deadlines.

          You claim you were “referring to actual facts” when you offered nothing but conjecture & opinion. I have factually refuted all of your insinuations.

          I must finally apologize, as I understood our exchange to be a debate of beliefs grounded somewhat on fact while you define our exchange as “conversation” which is nothing more than gossip & innuendo, something I have no interest in continuing.

          1. Bramson hasn’t filed the
            Bramson hasn’t filed the report because it will hurt him on election day. Brian, as usual, is at the Kool-Aid trough. It is abundantly clear that Bramson’s tactics involve deception, silencing people like Bob Cox, and trashing the opposition. He has nothing of substance to bring to the table.

          2. Obviously, it is John
            Obviously, it is John Imburgia, who is either ignorant of what he is talking about or is knowingly make false statements for partisan or personal reasons. That is proven by John’s lack of facts, as well as by his tendency towards personal attacks on other Posters.

            When one posts personal attacks on other Posters, it is obviously because the ‘personal insulter’ is desperate to prove his/her argument, but has no demonstrable proof. Instead and out of pure desperation, such a person declines to the immature level of a child accusing another child of having cooties.

            If John Imburgia was actually able to state facts, he wouldn’t need to do insult me, nor would he state his make-believe, unproven, biased assumptions. But John is unable prove what he is trying to, because the facts do not support him.

            Mayor Bramson has only one of seven votes on the City Council. Additionally, the City Manager runs New Rochelle. Despite John Imburgia’s false declarations, it is not Mayor Bramson’s job to file the financial report with the NYS Comptroller.

            Our City Manager is non-partisan, and for reasons of his own, is the one responsible for not yet filing the financial report. Any criticism regarding management of New Rochelle should be directed at our City Manager.

            The desperate candidate for County Executive is Rob Astorino, who, most voters realize, has only damaged our county; and who in desperation, relies on such falsehoods and innuendo as is posted by John Imburgia.

          3. Anthony Galletta did a
            Anthony Galletta did a wonderful job of laying out the facts and I see no reason to repeat them. I am merely agreeing with Mr. Galletta as, even if I didn’t have documentation to prove my point, my personal experience and vast knowledge of NR after spending over 50 years there is enough. It is clear in my mind that Noam Bramson uses deception, he trashes the opposition, and he silences people like Bob Cox. You don’t have to agree me Brian. Just watch the debates between him and Ron Tocci back when Bramson ran for the Assembly, and the debate between Bramson and St. Paul.

            Bob Cox himself ran a story about he was cut off from getting info from NR and linked it to Bramson’s bid for CE. As far as deception goes, Avalon was deceptive, and if Bramson has nothing to be ashamed of, then the report would be filed. You are complaining to the wrong person. I am merely echoing what has been clearly pointed out by others. Your buddy buddy with Bramson, ask him to file the report and then the case will be closed.

          4. Your untrue fantasies diminish what you wish to advocate
            Regarding New Rochelle not yet filing a fiscal report with the NYS Comptroller, Anthony Galletta laid out weird, untrue fantasies, which you confuse as facts, because you are desperate, or you are unable to distinguish between facts and opinions.

            You and Anthony Galletta will never prove, nor successfully advocate, unless you use actual facts. Your insistent reliance on depending on untrue fantasies, only weakens and diminishes what you wish to prove.

            Obviously, opinions should not to be confused with facts, and I realize why City Hall and the BOE might be bothered by some of the opinionated postings of weird fantasies-unsupported-by-fact, of some readers here.

            I do think NR City Hall is mistaken in freezing out TOTS, as TOTS is one of the main sources of information in New Rochelle, and is probably widely read throughout NR.

            New Rochelle has been lacking in sources of news since the death of our local newspaper the Standard-Star. In my opinion, the Journal News is worthless garbage, only good for reading of school activities, marriages and obituaries, and completely incapable of doing any investigative reporting.

            In my opinion, NR City Hall and the NR BOE should provide TOTS the same information they provide the Journal News, WVOX and Cablevision Channel 12. I believe that would be consistent with the 1st and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution, as well as the correct thing to do.

          5. Brian,
            With all due respect,


            With all due respect, Anthony Galletta has proven his points numerous times on this website with undisputable facts and figures. Now, as far as I am concerned, the simple way to resolve this issue is for you to stop arguing with me, and to go over to City Hall and ask them to file the report. You might, and I hope you do, prove everyone wrong.

            Next thing you can do, is to tell them to stop withholding info from Bob Cox. If they are on the up and up, they will have nothing to fear.

            After you do that, Advise Noam and Chuck that TOTS allows people to publish their own stories. If they have facts that dispute anything that is published on here, then tell them to post them.

            Lastly, don’t single me out. Complain to Robert Cox for publishing that story about TOTS being cut off, complaining to the people of the east end you see that Echo Bay is a losing proposition, complain to the middle class taxpayers who are struggling to get by while Bramson builds housing for young professionals with taxpayer dollars, complain to the people who are paying more in property taxes so the owners of Avalon and Forest City Ratner can make huge profits, and complain to the guy in the city yard who exposed the stealing that was going on over there and Bramson and Strome didn’t even thank him. They were more concerned about protecting their image than admitting they had a crook on the payroll for over 10 years.

            I am sorry to say, but there is no point trying to communicate with you until you take the blinders off.

          6. I will say Brian, I do agree
            I will say Brian, I do agree with you 100% about the JN and TOTS. TOTS should never have been cut off and in my opinion, Robert Cox should still be on WVOX. The only questions I have for you is, why do you think the City stopped giving TOTS info? Why do you think Bob Cox isn’t on WVOX anymore? And why hasn’t the City filed the report?

          7. NR City, BOE & WVOX & TOTS & Bob Cox
            I think TOTS has been frozen out of City Hall news, partly because of the wild, unproven accusations that commenters post here. I think Bob Cox is being blamed for that, although he merely provides a virtual soap box, that anyone can comment on.

            Unlike the Journal News, Bob Cox is interested in investigative reporting, which sometimes reveals things that the government is uncomfortable with – this is especially true of the NR BOE, which unfortunately has been embarrassed by pedophiles. Of course, investigative reporting doesn’t always provide clear insights, and can appear to be partisan and biased, whether it is or not.

            Obviously, all governments would rather not advertise internal conflicts, so all governments tend to circle the wagon, as do all corporations.

            I understand why all governments favor certain media, while denying information to other media.

            However, I think its not in the governments’ own interests, especially in New Rochelle, where our City’s Chief Executive and Administrator, the City Manager, is undemocratically appointed, rather than elected, and therefore is morally compelled to avoid any appearances of partisan politics. Our governments’ freezing out the news media certainly flies in the face of democracy, free speech, and freedom of the press.

            I have no idea, as to how or why WVOX makes its policy decisions. As WVOX is a privately owned business, William and David O’Shaughnessy, probably have much responsibility for its decisions.

            I really don’t know why New Rochelle hasn’t filed the year 2012 financial report with the NYS Comptroller, nor when they will. I’d like to see NR do it, and wish they had done so already. My point is that any delay was the responsibility of either the City Manager, his Commissioners, or the City Council. My other point is that the Mayor only has one of seven votes on the City Council.

            But I will venture a guess, based on my own intuition and analysis of recent news posted at TOTS. The City of New Rochelle recently agreed to a union contract with the NRPD, which included retroactive, current and future raises for the NRPD civil servants. Until that retroactive agreement was completed, the City of New Rochelle was unable to actually determine how much it spent in 2012. If so, it might have been impossible for NR to accurately calculate its 2012 finances. Hopefully, that was the source of delay, and a 2012 financial report will soon be forthcoming. My guess is that it will show NR to be financially solvent, as in the past.

          8. So I guess basically what you
            So I guess basically what you are saying is that NR doesn’t want any negative publicity and therefore wishes to curtail the freedom of speech of others. People have an absolute right to express their opinions, good or bad, and the City of NR is trying to take away that right.

            I guarantee one thing, if anything published on TOTS could in anyway be proven to false, the City would file a lawsuit against TOTS so fast it would make your head spin. The fact that TOTS has endured these last 4 years is an indication that there is a lot, if not complete truth, to the things that are being reported on this website. By cutting off TOTS, NR has demonstrated that it doesn’t want the truth to get to the public. And Bramson, whether he is elected ceremonially or at large, should be absolutely outraged at the City’s desire to curtail the free speech of others.

          9. NY Times v Sullivan / Hustler v Falwell
            I am saying no government, whether municipal, state, federal or that of foreign governments, like the reporting of information that might put a government or its officials in a bad light.

            And all governments like when reporting puts them in a good light.

            Corporations have similar perspectives.

            This is all about public relations, especially when it originates with the City Manager, who being appointed doesn’t have to worry about his own election.

            But you are mistaken regarding why TOTS hasn’t been sued regarding any possible issues of inaccurate reporting. Let me make it clear, I think there is no media whose reporting is always accurate, neither TOTS, nor the USA’s greatest newspaper the NY Times.

            Regarding the limits of law suits for liable and slander in the USA by news media, I highly suggest that you read the following US Supreme Court decisions:

            NY Times v Sullivan 376 US 254 (1964)


            Hustler Magazine and Larry C. Flynt v Jerry Falwell 485 U.S. 46 (1988)


            In NYT v Sullivan, the US Supreme Court determined that a news media cannot be successfully sued for liable or slander for inaccurate reporting that news media believed to be accurate at the time of reporting.

            In Hustler et al v Falwell, the US Supreme Court determined that a news media cannot be successfully sued for liable or slander for inaccurate reporting that was clearly made in jest. Hustler had reported that Falwell’s first sexual encounter was with his mother in an outhouse.

            In the less democratic UK, the news media can be successfully sued for liable or slander, based on the slightest inaccuracy whether unintentional or made in jest. But here, the US Supreme Court has intepreted the 1st Amendement as to make it quite difficult for news media or humorous publications to be successfully sued for liable or slander.

            If any lawyers reading this, have any comments that will contradict or enlighten us, regarding news media being sued for liable or slander, I encourage you to comment here.

          10. Thanks for the spelling correction
            Thanks for the spelling correction, which puts my statement into better context and accuracy.

            This is a great week to be considering old and new US Supreme Court decisions.

          11. 2 corrections

            You can substitute “a guess, based on my own intuition and analysis” for facts if you want but how can you criticize other people on this basis and then do it yourself. Don’t confuse your guesses with my first-hand knowledge.

            1. Talk of the Sound being cut off is a specific, identifiable event — Feb 2013. This had nothing do with comments made by others. I think I would have a better insight into this matter as I was directly involved.

            I have already explained why Talk of the Sound was cut off by Chuck and Carroll — they were upset about the Assistant Police Commissioner stories I ran, all of which were entirely accurate and played a large role in swaying 5 votes, including THREE Dems, to reject the APC plan. Chuck was also upset about the Garbage Truck story because I said, accurately, that I was lied to by people in City Hall. Chuck does not like it when people working for him lie and then are called liars. In his mind, that is unfair.

            2. The failure to file the paperwork with the OSC for the stress test has nothing to do with the NRPD contract. The City had always budgeted based on projected percentage increases. I believe they were using 1.5%. The City has lots of such budgeted or projected expenses not just police contracts so by your theory they would NEVER be able to determine how much was spent in a given year. Further, the issue is not whether the City is SOLVENT but whether it is “stressed” according to the OSC formula.

            I cannot get an answer from the City on this issue but based on my experience, if the analysis would result in a positive view of the City’s finances, Noam and Chuck would have run to Albany barefoot to submit the paperwork. That they did not file raises a legitimate question as to why this is the case. They should explain themselves and end the mystery.

          12. Facts v Knowledge v Opinions v Beliefs v Hearsay v Wild Guesses
            Bob – When I I do not have the actual facts but am asked to explain something I am unsure of, I usually preface my statement by stating “I presume”, “in my opinion”, “my belief is”, “I think that”. etc., or use other words to indicate I am guessing rather than that I know.

            How I phrase something, relates to the statement of veracity one explicitly or implicitly agrees to in an affirmation. I try to state something is either based on knowledge (facts), belief (opinion or assumption) or information (hearsay or something derived from other sources). If you look at what I wrote, I made it clear I had no direct knowledge and was venturing a guess because I was asked to explain what I had no facts for. As such I have made it clear that I have given opinion rather than known facts.

            What I am critical of, is when anyone states their opinions while declaring or implying them to be facts, such as in regards to why NR has not yet filed its fiscal statement with the NYS Comptroller. I thought I was clear on this, but it was worth restating, so I am glad you asked.

            As you have direct knowledge as to when and why TOTS was cut off, you are in a better position to explain the situation than am I. But it was I, whom John Imburgia asked to explain, and I tried to be helpful by stating I had no facts but was providing my belief / opinion.

            I have no reason to doubt the explanation you have provided, that the City of NR cut you off because of controversies involving NRPD Commissioner Carroll, and of the the Assistant Police Commissioner, and of the garbage truck story. In my opinion, NR was wrong in cutting TOTS off from information, especially based on that issue.

            But I thought TOTS was also being cut of by the NR Board of Education. Was I mistaken about that? If the NR BOE has cut TOTS off, I doubt that was due to Commissioner Carroll. Based on what I have read at TOTS, I thought that ostracism was due to reportings on pedophiles and other weird behavior at NR public schools, as reported by TOTS. Do you agree with that belief, and if not would you clarify the situation with the NR BOE cutting TOTS off?

            The information provided by the NYS Comptroller is that they determine if a municipality is ‘fiscally stressed’ based on that municipality’s ‘solvency’. As such, the issue that needs to be discussed at TOTS, is whether NR is fiscally solvent, which means is NR able to pay its budget? If NR is able to pay its bills, and will continue to be able to do so into the future, then it is clear that NR is solvent and not fiscally stressed.

            As NR has yet to filed its 2012 fiscal report, none of us know the facts, and can only venture opinions and guesses, something I have repeatedly pointed out.

            Anyone who declares as fact, that NR is fiscally sressed, is a person who is factually insolvent, absent a knowledgeable basis for framing their opinion as if it was fact. Such false declarations of fact comes off as petty and partisan, or alternatively not knowing the difference between fact and opinion.

            I have made it clear, I do not know the factual basis as to why NR has not yet filed its fiscal report with the NYS Comptroller. I have also stated I do not know which NR entity(s) or public official(s) is responsible for filing the that fiscal report.

            It is obvious to me, however, that the Mayor is one of seven persons on the City Council, all with equal votes. I doubt the Mayor, alone, is responsible for the filing of such fisal reports, if responsible at all. I presume to guess that the responsible entity is the office of the City Manager. But if the responsible entity is the City Council, it is equally shared by the seven members of the City Council.

            Perhaps the two Republican Councilmen, Al Tarantino and Lou Trangucci, can provide clarity as to whether the fiscal report is to be created and sent to the NYS Comptroller by the City Council or City Manager, and as to which of those two entities are causing the delay.

          13. TOTS has always been cut off by NR BOE
            As I mentioned in my original article, I give Schools Superintendent Richard Organisciak credit for at least being a consistent thug. It has always been his position that TOTS is not to receive press releases or otherwise be treated as a media outlet.

            On FOIL, the City has been better and the NRPD was excellent on FOIL, up until 4 months ago when things abruptly ended.

            On FOIL, the Board of Ed has for four years illegally denied my FOIL requests.

            Again, no heroes here as the silence from both the City Council and Board of Education has been bipartisan.

          14. Brian Bamboozled
            Brian, you can attempt to muddy the waters because you have NO FACTS. The FACT is that Mayor Bramson proposed, commenced, attended and help write a citizens budget report based on the FACT that New Rochelle IS facing a $29 MILLION SHORTFALL. If you believe any community facing that magnitude shortfall is solvent well then the Wizard behind the curtain has you bamboozled.

          15. New Rochelle is unstressed fiscally
            I have no idea what your point is, but apparently it is you who are muddying the waters, not me.

            Are you jumping to the conclusion that the NYS Comptroller is waiting for a “citizens budget report”? I truly doubt that, as it sounds completely absurd.

            Although I am unsure which entity produces financial reports for the NYS Comptroller, it is probably either the City Manager and his Commissioners, and/or the City Council’s seven members. It is amazing that no one has documented here, who is responsible for filing the 2012 financial report.

            Regarding your claim of a “$29 million ‘shortfall'”, if your allegation is true, what you would truthfully indicate, is that New Rochelle remains highly solvent, and will make up the alleged shortfall, by increasing taxes and/or borrowing money at today’s amazingly low interest rates and/or will reduce its staff in size. Despite you’re allegations, all of that indicates New Rochelle is unstressed fiscally.

          16. Brian uninformed
            Brian, you are probably the only person in New Rochelle who knows nothing about the citizens budget committee, their report and the $29 million shortfall that was the reason for their existance. To say that the shortfall is an “allegation” on my part proves how uninformed you are. It’s easy for someone who doesn’t own a home or pay property taxes to blow it off and say New Rochelle will just raise taxes, borrow at low rates or cut staff. Strome has cut staff to the bone, borrowing money acomplishes nothiing more then kicking the can down the road while compounding the shortfall and raising taxes is the liberal democratic mantra. If the criteria for solvency is the ability to raise taxes, no community would be stressed!

          17. I wonder who started that
            I wonder who started that “rumor” about the $29 million and where they got that figure from?

  2. Which City Entity Reports Finances to NYS Comptroller?
    The following is my reply to Tony Galletta’s reply entitled, ‘Brian uninformed, and found at the link:


    Anthony, you are confused as to the issue at hand. The question is: within our municipal corporation, which governmental entity(s) are legally responsible for filing the official City of New Rochelle 2012 financial report with the NYS Comptroller?

    I have read undocumented assertions at TOTS, that it is solely the responsibility of our Mayor, and now you are stating its the sole responsibility of an appointed citizens committee. I question whether there is a factual basis for either allegation.

    I am trying to find out the actual facts as to who is responsible for filing the 2012 fiscal report with the state Comptroller, but I have read nothing here providing facts and have only read here of questionable accusations and assumptions

    Probably most people in New Rochelle have neither heard of the citizens committee nor its findings. More importantly, the NYS Comptroller probably does not consider the findings of the citizens committee you refer to.

    You seem confused, in alleging that a citizens committee’s findings have anything to do with what information the NYS Comptroller seeks in determining our city’s financial health.

    What you refer to as a shortfall, is merely that part of the budget that the City of New Rochelle will adapt its budget to, through the various devices a financially healthy city can choose from.

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