School District Report Card

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Graduations are complete and grades are in. The summer break is well under way. Now that students have their final report card, it’s time to give a report card to the school district administration and school board.

For the first time in recent memory, the Board of Education established their goals for the school year. Below are the goals established at the Board’s meeting on November 7, 2012. Take this opportunity to provide your feedback on how successful the Board was in achieving its goals.

When grading, provide examples or commentary to support your assessment. If there are areas for improvement, make suggestions to correct.

I look forward to your report card.

Goal 1:

The Board of Education will provide a comprehensive, responsive, accessible curriculum that advances the aspirations and the high standards we set for our students.

Goal 2:

The Board of Education will continue to hire and support a dedicated, knowledgeable, and diverse staff.

Goal 3:

The Board of Education will improve communication and further strive to engage all members of the New Rochelle community.

Goal 4:

In partnership with the community, the Board of Education will continue to explore new budgeting ideas, adopt fiscally responsible policies, and improve clarity of the budgeting process.