There Can Be No Compromise on Gadsden Flag Flap in New Rochelle with Tail-Gunner Noam

Written By: Robert Cox

Noam McCarthy I am not familiar with Michael Cammer but based on a Letter to the Editor he sent to the Journal News he is apparently a New Rochelle resident who imagines that the solution to a recently filed Federal lawsuit over the Gadsden Flag being removed from the flagpole at the New Rochelle Armory is a compromise in which the City would allow the Gadsden Flag to fly if members of the plaintiff in the case, the United Veterans Memorial & Patriotic Society of New Rochelle, would agree to maintain the public roads around the area.

With all due respect to Mr. Cammer, he is remarkably uninformed for someone who took the time to write a letter to the editor about the Gadsden Flag lawsuit. I would suggest he familiarize himself with the events that took place last spring and the actual lawsuit filed two weeks ago.

I know quite a bit about it as I have covered and reported on every aspect of this matter from day one. All of the video and photos you see on TV and in the paper of the flag being removed are from Talk of the Sound, we have been sharing them with other media outlets including NBC, CBS, News12, Fox News, New York Times, and many others.

What he will learn is that this entire issue arose out of a cynical political maneuver by Mayor Noam Bramson to win support among Democratic leaders throughout Westchester County in the weeks leading up to the Democratic Convention at which Bramson was nominated to run for County Executive. Specifically, Bramson, was seeking to win the affection of many Ken Jenkins supporters, many of whom are African-American, by creating a phony issue of alleged racism involving the Tea Party and linking that to his opponents in New Rochelle politics, in particular, military veterans.

Having gotten the nomination, Bramson would like the issue to go away.

For this reason, he has dispatched Council Member Jared Rice, who is African-American, to make peace with the veterans. Fat chance. Rice, who is playing the role of Bramson’s wing-man within Westchester’s black community, proposed as a compromise that the flag would remain down and the United Veterans would not go forward with their lawsuit. This is a good example of Bramson’s idea of negotiations — I get what I want and you get nothing!

Since he announced his campaign for CE, Bramson has invoked the Tea Party often in much the same way Joe McCarthy invoked the Communist Party in the 1950’s — as an unfounded allegation of un-American activity intend to smear his opponents and critics.

Mayor Noam Bramson and most of his fellow Democrats on City Council have taken the position that the flag is “offensive” because it is a symbol of the Tea Party and the Tea Party is “offensive” to many people living in New Rochelle. This code for their view that the Tea Party, and thus the flag, is a racist symbol and anyone who would fly the Gadsden Flag is a racist. This is precisely why one Council Member referenced the Confederate Flag the night of the City Council vote on the flag issue. In other words, Mayor Noam Bramson used the issue to tar Westchester veterans as racists.

Having staked out this position, that the flag was so “offensive” that Bramson would direct City Manager Charles Strome to take down the Gadsden flag from the New Rochelle Armory flag pole, on what basis could Bramson now “compromise”?

And what in Bramson’s history suggests he is either interested in or capable of compromise. With Noam it has always been “my way or the highway”. Noam backed himself into a corner. But is it a corner he could extricate himself from even if he wished to? The Mayor’s politicization of the Gadsden Flag, the smearing of his political opponents with “dog whistle” accusations of racism?

On what basis does Mr. Cammer or anyone else imagine their is some basis for a compromise with Mayor McCarthy Bramson?

The United Veterans want the flag back up. Noam Bramson wants it down.

This situation is precisely why we have courts — to resolve disputes that two parties cannot resolve themselves. Perhaps along the way Noam Bramson will get an education on the way playing racial politics can backfire on a candidate and maybe even learn a little about Free Speech and the First Amendment along the way.

3 thoughts on “There Can Be No Compromise on Gadsden Flag Flap in New Rochelle with Tail-Gunner Noam”

  1. Michael Cammer Letter to the Mayor
    It seems Mr. Cammer does not like banners and flags on public land.

    On Jun 14, 2012, at 9:31 PM, Michael Cammer wrote:

    (To the mayor.)

    Would you please tell me who is paying for hanging the banners which advertise Iona College along North Avenue from Mayflower to Beechmont?

    Would you please also outline the process which led to approval to hang these banners?

    Thank you very much.

    On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 2:49 AM, Noam Bramson wrote:

    These are paid for by Iona and were approved in the context of Iona’s significant financial contribution to the North Avenue streets cape.

    Hope you are well.



    Sent from my iPad

    On Jun 15, 2012, at 9:59 AM, Michael Cammer wrote:

    Dear Noam,

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    Regardless of tit-for-tat, which I don’t really believe anyhow since Iona doesn’t pay taxes and has a self-interest in paying for North Avenue’s improvement as a de facto extension of its campus, this is advertising on public land. This raises at least two significant issues.

    1. If I were a successful car dealership, I might beautify the sidewalk along my property and demand commensurate advertising space on public land instead of hiring people to hold signs at key intersections. (And this doesn’t even address the demands businesses that produce sales tax revenues for the City and residents who produce property tax revenues should have versus those that use up huge amounts of services while paying nothing.)

    2. And a far more important issue and why I’m really writing, I find the display of christian crosses on these banners on public land offensive. I respectfully request that they be removed and that no further institutions or individuals be permitted to display religious icons on public land. I would compromise that the other banners remain, but certainly the ones with the crosses need to come down. I’m serious about this.



    1. Bramson Hypocrisy at Work – Again
      Apparently if you pay into the campaign of Tail gunner Noam, you get to do whatever you want. Flying the Gadsden flag is divisive, but hanging crucifixes along city property doesn’t offend anyone. There should at least be a Star of David, a Cresent Moon and Star, Agnus Dei’s Lamb of God, an Asatru, a Dharmachakra well you get the point. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone so let’s be fair to all. Oh Wait, it’s Tail gunner Noam he’s only fair to those who pay homage (campaign money). Sorry Mr Cammer, Noam doesn’t give 2 #@%&’s about what you think. He said it himself, heads don’t count.

      1. John,
        I am fed up with


        I am fed up with government in general. It seems virtually every politician is controlled by the special interests and the corporations. Those with money contribute to campaigns and keep these creeps in office so nothing ever changes. America is no longer controlled by “We the people” but the multi-national corporations and the rich. Money is what controls Bramson. Money is what is going to get that armory razed. Money is what is going to get Echo Bay approved. And all that money is going to the crooked politicians. The American people are being sold out. I pray for the day “We the people” will show some solidarity and march to Washington in force to show these bums who runs this country. Democracy is dead, and the Noam Bramsons of the world are controlling every aspect of our lives. Is this what freedom is about?

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