People Trapped In Elevator Trump Plaza New Rochelle

Written By: James O'Toole

The New Rochelle Fire Department was called to the Trump Building located at 175 Huguenot Street early Tuesday morning for people trapped in a elevator between the 1st and 10th floor.IMG 9111 New Rochelle firefighters were on the scene for almost 1 hour before getting the two passengers to safe ground.Firefighters had to use equipment from Rescue 4 which was not in service due to the low staffing of the fire department by Mayor Noam Bramson and city council members IMG 9115The rescue truck had to be brought to the scene by a 3rd engine company.
So the fire department had to use 3 engines and two ladder trucks to rescue two people stuck in a elevator for over 1 hour to get people to safety.If the rescue truck was in service this call would have being handle in almost half the time.

One thought on “People Trapped In Elevator Trump Plaza New Rochelle”

  1. Oh New Rochelle tax payer, Check Please!
    Where do we send the bill for the services and response of the 3 engines and two ladder trucks to rescue the two people stuck in the elevator? The two people, the building residents/management, Capelli, Trump or Monroe College. I don’t know if the PILOT or Tax abatements would cover the cost for this response. The front of the building is looking a little beat up and shoddy. What would the Donald think?

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