Maisano elected Vice Chair of Board of Legislators!

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We made history last night at the Westchester County Board of Legislators (BOL) reorganization meeting. Two guys that grew up in New Rochelle were elected as Chair & Vice Chair – Democrat Mike Kaplowitz was elected as Chair and I was elected as Vice Chair. Chairman Kaplowitz now lives in Somers. This is the first bipartisan leadership team for the BOL that anyone can remember. I will be the first Republican officer of the BOL since 1997 and am incredibly honored to serve as Vice Chair for the next two years.

Our bipartisan leadership team is committed to ensuring that the deliberations of the BOL are performed in a professional, collegial and serious manner. We will create a process where legislators debate the important issues facing Westchester in a respectful and thoughtful manner with a goal of building consensus and creating compromise. We will provide legislative oversight over the county executive and his administration, but will do so in a less political and partisan way. Checks and balances are alive and well at the BOL, but so is bipartisanship and good government.

We hope to lead one of the best legislatures in the country and can’t wait to get to work on Tuesday!


Jim Maisano 75pxJim Maisano is the Minority Leader of the Westchester County Board of Legislators. He represents District 11 covering New Rochelle and Pelham. You can follow Jim on Facebook, Twitter or on his website. You can contact Jim at 914-636-1621 or