Coyote in New Rochelle Kills Three Kittens

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Coyotes are becoming more of an issue in New Rochelle, says one South End couple.
 “A coyote entered our yard and killed three kittens this week,” said Debbie Geronimo.
 She says the incident took place in the near D’Onofrio Field not far from Jefferson Elementary School.
 Mark Hammond tweets that he often sees coyotes in the North End of New Rochelle while riding his bike at night.
 “I ride my bicycle 84 miles a week round trip from Scarsdale to New Rochelle,” said Hammond. “I see coyotes nightly, some big ones too.”
 “I see solitary coyotes from Wilmont Road to Webster Avenue from at least 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily,” said Hammond.
 Geronimo says it is important for other residents to be aware of the prescience of coyotes.
 “They have pets and they should be aware,” she said.
 After the coyote attack, her husband, Michael Geronimo, built a makeshift barrier to keep the coyote away from the rest of the cats.
 “I tried putting down a little ammonia,” said Michael Geronimo, “it seems to work as there was no incident that I know of last night.”
 A 2013 CBS News story described the growing threat from coyotes in Westchester.

“You’ve got to be diligent, not letting your dogs out by themselves,” said Jim Horton, owner of QualityPro Pest and Wildlife Services.
 Horton said he is getting several calls weekly from people about coyotes in Westchester County, because he believes the animals are moving in from Canada.

 Talk of the Sound would like to see any photos of coyotes in New Rochelle.

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  1. Lyme Disease in area
    One dog and one person has contracted Lyme disease on Brady Ave which is located next to Jefferson Elementary School. Not sure if this is connected to the coyote that was spotted in the area but it is a possibility. If you haven’t done it yet, please get your animals vaccinated for Lyme disease. To see this little dog hobbling around because his leg hurts so bad is heart wrenching. If Lyme is contracted you have to undergo a three week course of anti-biotics.

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