Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle

Written By: Robert Cox

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The Beechmont Neighborhood Association dedicated two new lake fountains on Wednesday, August 13. The fountains were installed by the neighborhood with assistance from Iona College and the City of New Rochelle.

During the dedication, Victor Stanionis, president of the Beechmont Association, thanked project supporters Fred Wiener, Beechmont Lake Chair; Dr. Joseph Stabile of Iona College and his students; Mayor Noam Bramson and Councilman Barry Fertel; and the forty-one Beechmont residents who chose to invest in their community by donating a total of $10,000 towards the project. Stanionis gave special thanks to Beechmont resident and president of Iona College, Dr. Joseph Nyre, for the $5,000 donation he made on behalf of Iona College to the Beechmont Association. The City of New Rochelle contributed $8,500. The total project cost was $18,500.

“These fountains are an excellent example of community and City working together to make our City a better and more beautiful place for people to enjoy. Beechmont Lake is one of the jewels of New Rochelle,” said Councilmember Barry Fertel.

The fountains operate from 6AM to midnight and lights at the base are activated by sensors at dusk.

Public Works Commissioner Tergis noted that the fountains help to aerate the water as well as circulate and agitate it, to maintain health oxygen levels in the lake though out the summer when the heat and pesticide runoff produce the most accelerated growth of floating aquatic plant life as well as algae.

“The Beechmont Association was organized in 1904 for the purpose of improving and beautifying Beechmont and protecting the community interests of its resident.”

The organization was formally incorporated on June 9, 1908.

Three years ago, to combat deterioration, the Beechmont Association authorized Victor Stanionis to undertake the restoration of the lakes. The project was spearheaded by Board Member Fred Wiener, chair of the Beechmont Lake Committee.

Dr. Joseph Stabile of Iona College and his students surveyed the lake and made the recommendations for two fountains.

The Beechmont Association’s fundraiser solicited voluntary contributions and within about three months they raised $10,000 from 41 residents.

For more information visit the Beechmont Association website or contact Victor Stanionis at [email protected]

7 thoughts on “Beechmont Fountain Dedication Ceremony Adds a Little Sparkle to New Rochelle”

  1. The City of New Rochelle contributed $8,500
    In your article you stated the Beechmont residents and Iona College contributed $10,000. The project cost $18,500 and the city contributed $8,500. That being stated is there money for other homeowners associations to apply for in order to maintain city property in their areas.

    One example is Stephenson Blvd. The east end had maintained the island on Stephenson Blvd. for years. Buying plants, flower pots and watering the plants. Not one dime was supplemented by the city.

    It is wonderful when citizens and the city work together. But let’s be fair. If $8,500 is available to one area it should be available to all.

    1. Good info!
      Of course, you are right that what’s fair for one is fair for all.

      Has the East End Civic ever pursue this?

      I am talking to you Beth, John!!!

  2. As I read all of your new
    As I read all of your new positive content Bob.
    I do have a question how much does the electricity cost to run the system?
    Who is paying for the Electrical cost?
    How do we justify this as Green?
    We are mulching leaves, reducing energy in City Buildings. Encouraging Public Transportation and lowering our Carbon Foot Print.
    And although Boy Wonder Looks good in his Green T Shirt I am not sure how this measures up to his green Litmus test?

    1. Funding the Fountains

      Not sure why you think it is “new” that the site has “positive” content or why this story, in particular, is “positive”. It just is. There are new fountains in Beechmont Lake. They look very nice and make a relaxing sound if you walk near the water and they look even better at night.

      As noted, the cost was $10,000 to buy and install; the money was provided by residents and Iona College.

      Sounds like you want to know who is paying for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the foundations — including electrical.

      I do not know but I will ask.

      I do not believe this is truly a “green” project despite some of the statements that imply that — these fountains are not pulling from the bottom of a deep lake and circulate the water and they are not intended to solve the algae problem at that lake and will not solve that problem.

      I leave it to the scientists to explain further but I think the fountains look very nice.

      That said, there were fountains at the NRHS lakes. They were turned off several years ago — a woman donated the money to buy them and install them but do not provide money to maintain them. They became expensive to maintain and were abandoned.

      There IS a plan now to install new fountains at the NHRS similar to what has been installed at Beechmont Lake.

      1. Format
        We all appreciate what Talk of the Sound was and is.
        We all can easily tell a format change when we see it. That’s fine this is your baby so you get to dress it how you need to.
        Just like when a Rock station goes Easy listening you can be sure that we are quite aware of the content. For a while your softball’s were placed by Talk of the Sound now we see the easy listening being blogged by Robert Cox. We know its all one in the same. I feel a format change would be best to occur when Tammany Hall has left New Rochelle.
        Since Boss Tweed and his henchman are still residing at City Hall I personally am watching the format.
        Others have agreed with me. With all due respect in your search for credibility from City Hall to be allowed back in as a source of News you aught not overlook why you came in the first place. Don’t loose track of reality is all I am suggesting.
        The crooks still inhabit our fair town.

      2. Again, no idea what you are talking about

        You think this site has changed to easy listening? And who is “we”? I think you are speaking for yourself, right?

        Have you looked at home page lately? I am not sure how much more aggressive you want me to be than declaring war 🙂

        I wrote a three-part series on 70 Belmont. I do not think it was easy listening.

        I suspect you do not understand the difference between when I post under Robert Cox and when a story is posted under Talk of the Sound News.

        Talk of the Sound News is for press releases and officials statements.

        Robert Cox is for when I do original reporting.

        As I was present at the Beechmont Foundation dedication, took pix, etc., I posted the story under Robert Cox.

        What may be confusing you is that more press releases are being posted. That is because my son agreed to take that on for me over the summer and is much more conscientious than I was in posting all the press releases we get from New Rochelle and Westchester.

        In any case, you are welcome to your opinion but nothing has changed at all.

      3. Bob,
        For what it’s worth, I


        For what it’s worth, I don’t think of this site as “easy listening.” Don’t take this wrong, but you are still an arrogant SOB :).

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