TASTE OF THE SOUND: Service Review of Touche Moi Massage

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Touche Moi Massage, at 271 North Avenue (Suite 401) in New Rochelle, recently opened at the iconic K Building, offering relaxation and rejuvenation.

“A massage studio should be a place you feel accepted without judgment or sense of self-consciousness”, said Ms. Pouponneau.

Touch Moi, a new massage studio in New Rochelle is such a place.


Nathalie Pouponneau, a licensed massage therapist and owner, offers integrated massage therapy that includes a blend of Swedish, Hot Stone, and Stretching techniques to ease even the most tensed up muscles.

Hours: By Appointment Only, Monday through Friday.

Price Range: $35 (20 min.)-$140 (2 hrs.)

Online Ordering: N/A, email address is [email protected]

Kid Friendly: Yes, with parent consent and supervision

Parking: Street Parking or New Roc Lot

Touche Moi’s décor sets the mood for relaxation with muted toned walls, comfy couches and chairs and carpeted floors. Complimentary bottled water, croissants and apple pastries are also available.


The studio serves individuals who need a 20-minute ‘midday break’ and those who desire true pampering that lasts up to two hours. Pre- and post-natal massages are offered for expecting mothers and moms who deserve some “me time.”


Touche Moi offers massages in your home or place of business as well.

The Taste of the Sound Team was treated to an hour long massage session.


Soft meditative music filled the room generating a calm setting. The lights were dimmed and the room’s temperature was ideal. The Touch Moi studio was a true oasis that left all tension and head noise at the door.

Pouponneau was attentive, friendly and thorough. Her soft-toned voice immediately soothed and quieted the mind. The heat-generating massage table and soft sheets were comforting. Pouponneau’s hands radiated heat as she methodically worked her way around my body. Pouponneau periodically applied scented oils to nurture the skin and add to the therapeutic setting.

The deep-tissue massage was sometimes aggressive, but Pouponneau often checked in and asked if the pressure was okay. The massage was so comforting that I fell asleep; Ms. Pouponneau had to nudge me to inform me that I could get up at my leisure.


Jen says: Nathalie was a warm, friendly and welcoming person. I liked that she took several minutes of consultation time and asked specifics in terms of any past injuries, or sensitivities, prior to her massage session. I felt this was key. She established valuable information beforehand ensuring an enjoyable experience for her clients right off the bat. Her massage room was just off the office in a space she personally designed and was beautifully put together. Although I photographed at this particular visit, this working mother of two will be setting up a date for a much deserved massage with Touch Moi!

Loli says: I highly recommend Touche Moi Massage. Ms. Pouponneau’s integrated techniques, soothing voice and studio design dissipates any hint of pent-up tension. I plan to return to Touche Moi for another massage very soon. Readers may experience a taste of Touche Moi’s services at New Rochelle’s Street Fair, Sunday September 7th from 11-5 where chair massages will be available.