Barack Obama’s New Rochelle “Roundtable Fundraiser” Hosted by Green Energy Executive with Ties to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., John Negroponte

Written By: Robert Cox

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — President Barack Obama will attend a small “roundtable” fundraiser at the home of a Green Energy executive in New Rochelle, Talk of the Sound has confirmed.

The exact nature of the fundraiser has been kept quiet — up until now.

We’ve broken just about every story on Obama’s Labor Day weekend in New York so we might as well break this one as well…

Camilo PatrignaniCamilo A. Patrignani is the CEO of Greenwood Energy which is involved in many different forms of green energy investment and development including the construction and operation of multiple solar power stations across the United States.

UPDATE 8/29: New York Times is reporting:

Mr. Obama arrived in New Rochelle for the first of two events benefiting the Democratic National Committee in Westchester on Friday. He was meeting with 25 supporters contributing as much as $32,400 apiece for a round table hosted by George Logothetis, a shipping heir and chairman of the Libra Group, and his wife Nitzia Logothetis, founder of Seleni, a nonprofit organization promoting mental health for women around the world. The event was being held at the home of Camilo Patrignani, the chief executive of Greenwood Energy, a subsidiary of Libra, and his wife, Lucia.

Greenwood Energy is a financing partner in President Obama’s Better Buildings Challenge “which encourages private sector leaders across the country to commit to reducing the energy use in their facilities by at least 20 percent by 2020”

Patrignani was formerly Head of Americas for Greenwood Energy’s parent company, the Libra Group and had responsibility for the strategic direction of Libra’s interests across North, South and Central America.

John Negroponte, former U.S. Ambasssador to the United Nations under George W. Bush and Ambassador to Iraq, serves as an Advisor to the Board for Libra Group, Greenwood’s parent company.

Patrignani sits on the board of Riverkeeper with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Patrignani purchased the house, a modest one-family residence, in 2010 for $1.12 mm and over the next two years completed work on the house including installation of a roof mounted solar panel system, connecting the solar panel to the existing electrical service, running circuit and wires for 2 pool water pumps, a hot water heater, pool grounding and outside lighting fixtures a new patio and pool, according to City of New Rochelle building records.

New Rochelle City Manager Charles B. Strome, appearing on a local radio talk show, said he did not think many New Rochelle residents would be plunking down $32,000 for the event while bemoaning the strain on municipal resources, the impact on businesses and the headaches of dealing with a Presidential visit on the Friday of Labor Day weekend.

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