Westchester Citizens Against Racism Protest Lawyer’s Racist Tweet

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WESTCHESTER, NY — Westchester civil rights attorney Richard St. Paul, African-American community leaders and ministers, and former New York City Comptroller candidate John Burnett will demand the dismissal from Cardozo Law School of prominent White Plains attorney Andy Barovick for his blatantly racist remarks made tuesday about African-American Lt. Governor candidate, Sheriff Chris Moss at a news conference outside the law offices of Alegra & Barovick at 235 Main Street in White Plains.

The civil rights group will also call on the New York City Bar Association to sanction Mr. Barovick for his remarks and remove him as chairman of its medical malpractice committee.

More information about Mr. Barovick’s racial attack is available here.

Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Place: Outside 235 Main Street, White Plains, NY

One thought on “Westchester Citizens Against Racism Protest Lawyer’s Racist Tweet”

  1. Shame on you sir!
    Dear Mr. Barovick…with all your educational accomplishments it’s amazing you’ve not been able to manage your self ordained position in society.

    Hopefully your recent juvenile & incendiary comments regarding Mr. Moss will have a detrimental effect upon your law practice. Early retirement is an option. However if you choose to continue law you could consider a retainer on the part of the KKK…or amble over to MSNBC and ask for a podium next to Al Sharpton.

    Speaking of Sharpton…have you ever seen the clip on YouTube of the encounter between Sharpton and Roy Innis of CORE? I’ve provided the link for your kind attention.

    You may wish to consider adding to your law library ‘Everyday Manners-Emily Post Institute’. It’s available at Amazon.

    Finally Mr. Barovick no one likes a bully…especially a race bating bully.

    Shame on you sir!

    John T Benjamin

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