FOUR MORE YEARS: New Rochelle Mayor Kicks Off 2015 City Council Races with Fundraiser Next Month

Written By: Robert Cox


NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson will kick off the 2015 campaign season for local offices in New Rochelle with a fundraiser on Sunday, December 7th at the VIP Country Club in New Rochelle, NY. The Mayor sent invitations to supports over the weekend.

“Now that the federal and state elections are over, attention is quickly turning to next year’s local race for mayor,” said Bramson. “I approach this challenge feeling confident, but not at all complacent, especially in light of the difficult mid-term results.”

Bramson says the fundraiser “lays the foundation for success in 2015.”

Support for Bramson has waned over the years where the once rising young star of the New Rochelle Democratic Party — the fundraiser is billed as a “45th Anniversary Party” — has failed to deliver on his often soaring rhetoric. A review of Bramson’s past State of the City addresses and election promises show a great deal of talk with very little result for the residents of New Rochelle.

That said, with the Democrats holding a 3:1 registration advantage and no challenger for the Democratic nomination coming forward, Bramson is expected to win re-election easily.

The only thing standing in Bramson’s way is a better offer elsewhere.

Bramson is reported to have told supporters that another term as New Rochelle Mayor is his “plan B” until something better comes along. Several months ago he submitted an application when SUNY – Westchester County College but was rejected in favor of a candidate with experience running academic institutions. The rumor mill once had Bramson going to work for New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, a rumor Bramson denied. Others have speculated he might go to work in Academia.

In 2011, Bramson won re-election, handily defeating former New Rochelle City Councilman Richard St. Paul by an 79-21 margin.

In 2013, while running for Westchester County Executive, Bramson was trounced 56-44 countywide by incumbent Rob Astorino, squeaking out a narrow 53-47 win on his home turf of New Rochelle.

While the 2013 results, a narrowing of his support from +58 to +6, suggest Bramson could be vulnerable to the right candidate, the Democrats are expected to rally around Bramson in what is expected to a low-turnout off-year election.

On the other side of the aisle, New Rochelle Republicans have done nothing of note to build on their success in 2013 are not expected to field a serious challenger to Bramson, content to work to retain the two seats they hold on City Council.

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