Bomb Threat Clears New Rochelle High School

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle High School was evacuated this morning after a bomb threat was received.

New Rochelle police responded to the scene. The protocol established last year is for the school to consult with the police department before making a decision whether to take the threat seriously.

The New Rochelle Fire Department received a call at 10:25 a.m. as the alarm was pulled to evacuate the school. The all-clear was given about 20 minutes later.

The evacuation was hindered by an altercation that broke out involving at least two students, possibly more.

Statement from New Rochelle High School Principal Reggie Richardson:

Below is the statement to the NRHS community about today’s incident from NRHS Principal Reggie Richardson:

Today at around 9:55, a bomb threat call was received by the school on a House office line. Implementing the procedures that were devised in consultation with the NRPD last year, it was determined that the threat was not credible. At 10:00 we received another call on the main office phone line indicating that a bomb was set to go off in the school in one half-hour. Following those same protocols, a decision was made to evacuate the school and have a search conducted with NRPD. A search was conducted, nothing was found and all students were returned to the building by without incident.