CROWDSOURCING: Did New Rochelle High School Football Field Ineligible Players This Season?

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The answer to the question in the headline at Talk of the Sound is “We do not know”. At the same some readers might. So we are asking for help.

Since the summer, Talk of the Sound has been hearing rumors that four young men attempted to transfer to New Rochelle High School as part of an effort my sports officials in New Rochelle to recruit talented players to the Huguenots. There are variations on the rumor but the clear implication of all of them is that there was a coordinated effort to falsify residency records to enroll the students at the high school so they could play this season.

The rumor is that two were blocked from enrolling at the outset because the falsified paperwork did not pass muster.

The other two reportedly did join the team and played this season.

We have had this information for months but without details and with the season underway we held off as we continued to work the story hoping to get more information. It’s been three months, we have hit a dead end and the season is over so we are throwing this open to readers who might know more.

Do you have any information as to whether there is any credence to these rumors. We would need specifics — the names of the players, residency information, that they were actually on the 2014 team roster, that they are from somewhere other than New Rochelle (ideally, a roster from a prior year showing they played elsewhere before playing this year for New Rochelle High School).

You can contact us as at or call 914-500-8386 (anonymous, no caller ID) or DM via Twitter (