Pair of New Rochelle High School Students Suspended After Pellet Gun Fired During Class, Police Called

Written By: Robert Cox

Vortex Lumitron

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — New Rochelle High School Principal Reggie Richardson has confirmed reports of a “shooting incident” last week at New Rochelle High School involving a “pellet gun”.

In an email sent this morning to District employees meant to dispel speculation about the incident, Richardson confirmed there was an incident about a week ago and provided some details.

“Last week a student brought a plastic pellet gun to school,” said Richardson. “While his class was watching a film, one of his friends fired the pellet gun in class.”

Both students were suspended for 5 days pending a Superintendent’s hearing which could result in expulsion for the students for the rest of the school year.

New Rochelle Police were called to the scene at the direction of school officials and a police report made.

One source familiar with the incident described the weapon as a NERF gun, a toy, capable of shooting hollow pellets but not capable of doing serious damage.

Talk of the Sound has request a copy of the Incident Report under a Freedom of Information request to determine the exact make and model of the “weapon” used in the incident.

Richardson also addressed a bomb threat yesterday that led to a decision to evacuate the school.

Last month, reports of “shotgun blasts” in the area around the high school had police including helicopters — and area news crews — swarming the Nature Study Woods and neighborhoods north of the high school until it was determined that the reports of gunfire was a student at the high school lighting firecrackers several blocks from the school.