New Rochelle YMCA Launches “Be A Lifesaver” Capital Campaign For Pool Repair

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The New Rochelle YMCA has launched “Be A Lifesaver”, a $1.3 million fund-raising campaign to help pay for critical pool repairs at the Y.  

Damage to the Y’s pool ceiling area was recently discovered as the Y was executing its plan to remove the pool’s drop ceiling, which is no longer permitted in pool design. During the process, engineers discovered that steel beams supporting the Y’s roof structure had corroded, some of which will require replacement. The drop ceiling trapped moisture and hid the issue.

Julie Gallanty, CEO of the New Rochelle Y, said, “This fundraiser is the most critical in the Y’s 30-year history. Unfortunately, the stark reality is if we cannot raise these funds, our pool will have to close for good, and, since the pool is a major source of funding for us, we would have to close our doors to the community entirely.”  

The New Rochelle YMCA is an independent YMCA and does not receive support from the national YMCA. Since 1984, over 2,100,000 people have passed through the YMCA doors and over 75,000 member visits are expected this year. 

Says Gallanty, “Providing incredibly valuable services at affordable fees is core to our mission. We’re hoping that the community will rally behind us and help save an invaluable community organization. Once we have completed the renovations, the New Rochelle YMCA pool will be in excellent condition and well-positioned to serve the region and its swimmers for years to come.” In addition to reaching out to the community, the Y is also currently working with local politicians in hopes of raising awareness and funds towards the campaign. Says Gallanty,”If all goes according to plan, the Y expects to have the renovations complete and the pool reopened by next summer.” 

Those looking to support the Y are urged to donate to the Be a Lifesaver capital campaign or to join the Y’s Pool Advisory Fundraising Committee to help raise funds from others in the community. Additional ways to support the effort are available on the Y’s website at

About the Y
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