TIME FOR A CHANGE: New Rochelle Tag Sale Permit Compliance Low, Enforcement Even Lower

Written By: Robert Cox

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Late last summer I looked into the issue of Garage Sale/Tag Sale/Estate Sale Permits issued by the City of New Rochelle. I asked “If New Rochelle requires permits for tag sales why doesn’t it require display of permits at tag sales. In other municipalities in New York they do require permits to be displayed.

I made a recommendation to require permit display, large fines for failing to display a permit but offering a major benefit to residents who want to hold tag sales — collect all the names and addresses, publish them on the city web site and send the list as a weekly press release to all local media.

I explain all the details here.

At the time I had asked the City for the list of permits issued in 2014 and the NRPD for a list of City Code violations for holding tag sales without a permit and will publish that information in a follow up article.”

During the period from 01/01/14 – 08/25/14, there were 64 permits issued and just one city code summons was issue for the entire year (some poor fellow on Rhodes Street holds this distinction).

During the warmer months about 2 permits are issued a week on average which is obviously low to anyone who reads utility pole signs. The reality is that only a fraction of tag sale holders get permits and enforcement is close to zero (it’s one!).

New Rochelle needs a better approach and it can be achieved by a simple editing of the current law, New Rochelle Municipal Code Chapter 160 . The text of the current law should be changed to contain language that a tag sale permit must be posted conspicuously at the front of the premises so that it is visible from the sidewalk or street or otherwise without having to enter the property or premises.

That list of permitted tag sales should be published by the City on its web site and otherwise promoted via all available media channels as well as distribution to media outlets and websites that list tag sales. This list should be organized so it is easily printed and include a Google Map displaying all the locations.

For $30, a homeowner holding a tag sale gets tremendous promotion and advertising for their tag sales.

For those who enjoy shopping at tag sales, they can get a comprehensive list of all the tag sales in New Rochelle.

To make this even more attractive, the City should integrate a permit application form into its web site, include a payment mechanism to pay the permit fee and a way to upload proof of liability insurance, and leave room for perhaps 100-200 characters were a homeowner holding a tag sale can provide a description of the items to be sold at the tag sale.

PERMITS OBTAINED between 01/01/14 – 08/25/14

Tag Sale Permits 01/01/14 – 08/25/14

ENFORCEMENT RECORDS between 01/01/14 – 08/25/14

Issued on 04/26/14 at 1105 hours
Issued to Steven Nole
Issued at 75 Rhodes St.
Issued for CC Ch 160 – 2 no permit