City Completes Testing of Water Fountains at Twin Lakes in Front of New Rochelle High School

Written By: Robert Cox

NRHS WaterFountain 1476

The City of New Rochelle has completed testing on two water fountains in the lakes in front of New Rochelle High School. The fountains have not operated for many years.

“The fountains were temporarily activated to test the flow of the electrical system and sort out any issues over the winter,” said City spokesperson Kathy Gilwit.

Over the past few months Con Edison installed electrical systems at the twin lakes and Beechmont Lake.

Becchmont WaterFountain 1477

The Beechmont Lake system is experiencing fluctuations that intermittently shut down one of the fountains, said Gilwit.

The New Rochelle High School fountains were removed last week and will be re-installed in the spring.

The cost of the fountains at the Twin Lakes was shared with the New Rochelle Board of Education. The acquisition and partial installation project costs were coordinated through the Pond and Lake Connection who also completed the Beechmont Lake fountains project.

The Beechmont Neighborhood Association dedicated two new lake fountains on Wednesday, August 13. The fountains were installed by the neighborhood with assistance from Iona College and the City of New Rochelle. The fountains at Beechwood Lake were funded by the Beechmont Association ($10,000), Iona College ($5,000) and the City of New Rochelle ($8,500).