Letter to the Editor on Police Video, from Australia

Written By: Robert Cox

It’s not every day we get a Letter to the Editor from outside Lower Westchester let alone the Land Down Under so we thought we would publish this one.

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to extend some gratitude for the contributions you and your team are making to humanity.

i have no affiliation with new rochelle. I’m actually about as far from you, geographically, as you can get… i live in Sydney, Australia. 
I came across talkofthesound.com through live leak. I’ve had a cruise around your site and it is amazing! Not for the content, (as a lot of it is removed from my life sphere) but for the power that sites like yours have. 
i am a 28 year male who has trouble accepting the direction the world is headed today. I take comfort in the hope that the power of the people, sharing a voice through the awesome power of the internet will break humanity free of the shackles that yesterdays world has us tied up in.
Your site, and others like yours, is the future of free speech, the end to closed doors and the opening of closed eyes. 
Please keep up the solid work. Your community needs you! The world needs you!
Yours most sincerely,
Jet Metcalfe


Sydney, Australia