Robert Cox and Jared Rice on People Before Politics Radio

Robert Cox and Jared Rice Discuss the Viral “Snow Ball FIght” Video on Radio

Written By: Robert Cox

YONKERS, NY — On Sunday February 8th, I was a guest on the  “People Before Politics Radio” presented by along with New Rochelle Council Member Jared Rice. The show hosts are Damon K. Jones, AJ Woodson, Cynthia Turnquest-Jones. AJ was engaged elsewhere and so Damon K. Jones anchored the show.

The topic was the video that went viral after it was published by Talk Of The Sound on Super Bowl weekend showing New Rochelle Police Department holding youths at Gunpoint during a “Snow Ball Fight”.

People Before Politics Radio – Episode 025 with NR Councilman Jared Rice & Talk Of The Sound’s Robert Cox

YouTube Video of Simulcast

The show ran about 2 hours. The introduction runs to about 10 minutes and then we get into the discussion about the video. That discussions runs about 90 minutes, no commercials, several callers asked questions.

Jones broke some major news on the show. He reported that he had spoken with the mother of one of the teens, that she was a corrections officer and was consulting an attorney.

Although Council Member Rice and I are often on the other side of any issue, there were several points of agreement. The primary point of agreement was the need for the New Rochelle police department to be fully transparent and put out whatever videos — surveillance, dashcam — and other material that might provide greater context for what is taking place in the video.

Other issues that were discussed — discrepencies in the description of the suspect, the reliability of the 911 caller, the police not being transparent a week after the incident, what happened to the “gun”.