Surveillance Camera Program Assists New Rochelle Police Department

Written By: Robert Cox

The New Rochelle Police Department held a press conference a few weeks ago. I was banned, per usual, by Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll.

Here is what they had to say:

Surveillance cameras installed strategically throughout the city have become a key aid for the New Rochelle Police Department, officials said today. The program, initiated in 2013, has expanded to nearly 50 cameras at dozens of strategic locations, many in the City’s downtown. The cameras were funded in large part by grants, including from the downtown Business Improvement District. 

In the next phase, the department will expand the system by adding more cameras around the vicinity of schools and major roadways leading in and out of the city; and by partnering with private entities- such as retailers- to acquire more cameras. Video is used in the vast majority of investigations, providing valuable information to the department in the form of leads and credible evidence. 

Commissioner Patrick Carroll noted, “The surveillance cameras provide our department with additional eyes around the city, 24/7, never blinking, never closed. In the future we hope to reach out to the business community to expand the system.”