United Water Begins Hydrant Flushing in New Rochelle on May 5

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — United Water New Rochelle crews will be flushing fire hydrants and blow offs in the City ofNew Rochelle at locations as shown on the attached sheet between the hours of 7:30am and 4pm.

A temporary slight discoloration of the water and a decrease in water pressure may be noted as a result of opening the hydrants. If you experience this discoloration of water, please run your cold water in a basement sink for 15-20 minutes. This should clear your problem. Please make sure during this flushing period that you check your cold water for discoloration. If the water is discolored, please flush your line as mentioned above before attempting to do any laundry.

Our workers will carry out this task between 7:30am and 4:00pm. Our workers have company  identification cards for your security.

Notification for Flushing on 5/5/2015

The following Hydrants may be flushed on or within 3 working days after the above referenced dates:

  • Wilmot Rd. at Wilmot Cir.
  • Loren Pl. North of Wilmont Rd.
  • Bloomingdale Dr.
  • Bloomingdale Road
  • Blomingdale Dr. 341′ North of Wilmont Rd.
  • Grand Blvd. Corn. Wilmot Rd.
  • Primrose Ave. Corn. Grand Blvd.
  • Primrose Avenue
  • Ivy Circle
  • Wilmot Rd. Corn. Sprague Ave.
  • Sprague Avenue
  • Charlotte La. 300′ South of Sprauge Ave.
  • Vivian Drive
  • Wilmot Cir. 500 ft. South Wilmot Rd.
  • Wilmot Cir. 1100 ft. South of Wilmot Rd.
  • Bonnie Meadow Rd. 280 ft. S. of Grand Blvd.
  • Grand Blvd. 500 ft. South of Wilmot Rd.
  • Bonnie Meadow 730 ft. S. of Grand Blvd. 
  • Grand Blvd. Corn. Bonnie Meadow Rd. South end
  • Fredricks La. 485′ West of Wilmot Rd.
  • Fredericks Lane
  • Wilmot Rd. Corn. Hutchinson Blvd.
  • Cerreta La. Corn. of Hutchinson Blvd.
  • Cerreta Lane
  • Old Farm Rd. 178′ West of Wilmot Rd.