New Rochelle Police Commissioner: No Report Filed on Gun Ammunition Find at School DIstrict Office

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — In an update to our story yesterday, Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll told Talk of the Sound that no report was made after equipment and materials, including lead-tip bullets suffecient to make up to 2,000 rounds of ammunition was found in a school district office.

The office is that of district working-foreman Scott Empara, an electrician, who was recently suspended for 30 days with pay and referred for psychiatric testing after repeated incidents of threatening to kill school district employees.

There was no report of this incident,” said Carroll of the ammunition supplies and equipment found in Empara’s office on Wednesday. “We are still investigating the weapons allegations and threats.”

No weapons complaints have been formally filed with the New Rochelle Police Department. The weapons allegations are apparently based solely on reporting by Talk of the Sound.

It is not clear if any laws were broken.

Loading or possessing ammunition, in and of itself, is not a crime in New York State. There are laws that prohibit possessing some weapons and certain “high capacity” ammunition magazines and other laws that prohibit legal firearms and ammunition on school property.

Calls to the New York State Education Department, Westchester County District Attorney and New York State Police, seeking clarifcation were not returned.


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