GET OUT AND VOTE: School and Library Election Day 2015

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Tuesday, May 19th is school and library election day.

Talk of the Sound is recommending not to vote for Lianne Merchant for New Rochelle School Board and not to vote for Jay Wegimond for Library Board.

We would recommend a single vote for Vince Malfetano for school board as the only candidate who represents a change in the status quo on what has been for many years a do-nothing highly dysfunctional school board that has allowed our schools to become a rat’s nest of corruption.

Regardless, get out and vote.

Listen to Bill O’Shaughnessy of WVOX Editorial on School Board Election here.

In the editorial O’Shaughnessy slams Lianne Merchant for ducking the issues, failing to debate or otherwise present the issues to the public. He commends Vince Malfetano for his efforts to explain this positions. About as close to an endorsement for school board I have heard coming from WVOX in years, if ever.