John Mandracchia and Alexa Troya

Stop & Shop Scammed by Cashiers for Months

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Cashiers at the Stop & Shop on Palmer Avenue ran a scam for months in which they would trick the cash registers into opening and then take small amounts of cash out. Three people have been arrested with more expected in the coming days.

An Asset Protection Associate for Stop and Shop told police that on August 4th he received data reports which pertained to fraudulent bottle redemptions. He told police that there were many incidents that occurred between May and July of this year.

The Asset Protection Associate called New Rochelle police on August 4th and told them he reviewed surveillance video from June 27th. In the video, he said he saw two employees, John Mandracchia, 19, and Alexa Troya, 20, take $72 from Troya’s cash register. The Complainant stated that on the video, he saw Mandracchia go over to Troya’s cash register and input a code that tells the cash register that a bottle slip receipt is being processed which causes the register to open. He said he then saw Troya take cash from her register and give it to Mandracchia. No paper bottle slips were given Troya to account for the money she gave Mandracchia. The video showed Mandracchia and Troya did this on three occasions that day, taking a total amount of $72.00.

Mandracchia and Troya were arrested and charged each with a single count of Petit Larceny, a Class A Misdemeanor. They were released after posting $250 bail.

On the same day, complainant reviewed video surveillance of an incident that occurred on August 2nd at about 3:00 p.m. The surveillance showed an 18 year-old male employee, scan a bottle redemption slip, which totaled $20.00, take cash from the register, and hand the money to another employee, without permission from the store.

When the employee arrived at work on August 4th he was confronted about the incident and signed a confession. New Rochelle police were then called and he was arrested. He was charged with one count of Petit Larceny, a Class A Misdemeanor. He was released after posting $250 bail. The name of the employee has been removed because he is eligible for youthful offender status.