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Prisoner Mutilates His Own Testicles with Thin Wire While in Custody of New Rochelle Police, Internal Investigation Underway

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A New Rochelle police officer came across a gruesome scene last Monday when he looked into a holding cell at police headquarters – a prisoner soaked in fresh blood. 

Santos Garcia, 41, was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center by paramedics after he was found in his cell covered in his own blood. The prisoner’s pants and shirt were soaked in fresh blood. There was more blood beneath him on the bed frame.

Police officers hand-cuffed the prisoner then attempted to locate the source of the blood. A small hole was observed in the prisoner’s pants pocket. The blood appeared to emanate from self-inflicted wounds in the testes, according to police reports obtained by Talk of the Sound under a Freedom of Information request. Garcia was taken to the Jacobi Medical Center Emergency Room for medical treatment for his injuries and then to the Pyscholgical Unit for psychological evaluation.

Garcia appeared to have mutilated his testicles with some sort of metal object.

Garcia, an illegal alien from Guatamala, had been sentenced earlier that day in New Rochelle City Court after he was arrested on outstanding warrant at Ruby Dee Park in front of the New Rochelle Public Library.

“While awaiting the evening transport to the County Jail the prisoner mutilated his testes with a thin wire, possibly an unraveled key ring,” said City Manager Charles B. Strome, III.

“The man lacerated his testes with the wire and was subsequently taken to the hospital and admitted,” said Strome.

Strome said police were not sure whether the wire was obtained while upstairs in the City Court or whether it was not discovered after his arrest and incarceration.

The incident is currently under investigation.