Mayor Noam Bramson hands off a new LED lighting fixture for installation outside City Hall. Over the next six months, the City will replace all 7,000 streetlights with LED bulbs.

City of New Rochelle Changes Streetlights to LED

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Beginning this week, New Rochelle’s 7,000 streetlights will be changed to LED bulbs. To signify the start of the project, Mayor Noam Bramson, City Manager Chuck Strome and were joined by representatives from Lumen Light Solutions to install a light at the corner of Hamilton and North Avenues. The switch to LED will save the City over 2,777,551.66 kwh annually, translating to $639,000 per year.

“By this simple action, we will cut our City’s kilowatt hours usage by 64%, saving over $600,000 annually and delivering better, more reliable and cleaner light,” said Mayor Noam Bramson. “We encourage residents and businesses to also take advantage of the newer technology to reduce their energy consumption and improve their bottom line.”

The new lights will be installed over the next six months. With a 20 year bulb life expectancy, LED lights will also require less maintenance.