NRPL Board Vice President Charles Burke, Dierdra Clark, NRPL Board President Haina Just-Michael, NRPL Director Tom Geoffino

Library Board of Trustees Fill Vacancy

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — At their January 14th Board of Trustees meeting, the New Rochelle Public Board of Trustees announced that the vacant seat on the Board of Trustees would be filled by lifelong resident Dierdra Clark.  Ms. Clark will be filling the remainder of the second year of the five-year term formerly held by Emery Schweig, who resigned in November due to personal reasons. This second year will conclude on June 30, 2015. The annual library election on May 17, 2016, will include the election of two library trustee positions: one for the regularly-scheduled election of a trustee for a 5-year term, and one to complete the last three years of Ms. Scheiwg’s former seat.  The candidate who receives the most votes will serve the five-year term.

To fill the vacancy the Board sought applications from New Rochelle residents interested in being considered for the temporary position. Ms. Clark was selected from a number of well-qualified individuals who had submitted resumes and biographical statements by December 30, 2015.  She brings to the temporary position a wealth of experience in working with non-profit organizations in New Rochelle and the larger Westchester community as the Pastor of the New York Covenant Church in New Rochelle and as a volunteer. She holds a Masters of Divinity, Bible and Theology from Alliance Theological Seminary, a Masters of Public Policy and Administration from Columbia University, and a B.A. in Politics from Mount Holyoke College. Ms. Clark is a graduate of New Rochelle High School.