Police Blotter – February 22, 2016

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

Police Respond to Montefiore ER: New Rochelle Police responded to Montefiore Hospital emergency room Feb. 7 after receiving a report of a male who was injured during an assault at approximately 2:20 a.m. at the Spectators Bar in New Rochelle. The victim told police he was hit by an unknown male on the left side of his face. He told police he had been kissing a woman but fell backward when he was allegedly assaulted and hit his head against the wall, which resulted in a two-inch cut to his head. He told police he did not know who hit him. According to the report, police became suspicious of his story and sensed the victim was withholding information, the police report said. Police then talked with the woman involved, who appeared to be intoxicated, the police report said. She told police that it was her ex-boyfriend who hit the man. She said the ex-boyfriend probably became angry when he saw her kissing the man. She told police her ex-boyfriend also hit her in the face. Officers did not see any visible injuries to the woman, the police report said. She told police that she did not need medical help. 

Neighbor Assaults New Rochelle Woman: A New Rochelle woman was allegedly assaulted by her friend and neighbor Feb. 12. Upon arriving at the location, police said the female complainant’s face was swollen and bruised and she had scratch marks around her neck. The complainant told police that she was drinking with her attacker inside her apartment. She told police they began arguing and when she asked him to leave, he punched her with a closed fist multiple times. The victim told police he grabbed her by the neck and started choking her. He pushed her around the apartment to prevent her from leaving, the police report said. She told police she grabbed her cell phone and ran from the apartment when he went to the restroom. She told police she wanted to pursue charges and said there was no intimate relationship between her and her attacker. She described her attacker as a 5’8,” bald, clean shaven, black male with “bushy” eye brows and brown eyes. She told police he has a “hooked-shaped” scar under his right ear. Officers searched the area for the assailant but did not find him, the police report said. 

Tenant Robs Woman: A New Rochelle woman told police she was robbed by her tenant Feb. 11. The complainant told police she had rented a room in her home to a man in September 2015. She told police said did not give the tenant access to other rooms in her home. However, her tenant broke into the other rooms and stole valuables, the police report said. She told police she could not remember all of the stolen items but said jewelry, worth $5,000, and her father’s old rifle, worth $500, were taken. She told police the tenant is still receiving mail at her address although he has moved. She provided police with a possible new address for the tenant, the police report said. Police provided her with a stolen property invoice sheet and asked her to add stolen property to the list as she recalls the missing items.

Woman Robbed by Caller Posing as Con Edison Employee: A New Rochelle woman was robbed Feb. 11 by a caller claiming to be Con Edison employee. The victim told police she received a call on Feb. 10 by a man claiming to be a Con Edison employee. The man told her she owed Con Edison $1,600 and if she didn’t pay the money, a technician would come and shut off her electricity, the police report said. She told police that the caller told her to pay the money in two installments through MoneyGram at any CVS store. She wired some of the money with a four-digit code provided by the caller. The following day, she received another call from a man who told her to send the remaining money. Police told the woman not to send more money to the unknown caller. 

Police Respond to an Assault at McDonald’s: New Rochelle Police were called to the scene of an alleged assault inside a New Rochelle McDonald’s Feb. 7. After arriving at the scene, police spotted the suspect, a black male wearing a blue coat, walking westbound on Main St., a New Rochelle Police report said. An officer approached the suspect, who told him that while he was waiting in line for his food, he complimented a female patron. The suspect told police that the male accompanying the female patron became angry and punched him in the face and head several times. He told police he left the McDonald’s after the altercation because he was dazed as a result of the attack. Officers did not notice any visible injuries to the man’s face. Officers asked the alleged assailant about the incident and the man told officers he did not like the way the suspect talked to his girlfriend, the police report said. The assailant admitted to punching the alleged suspect first, and said the man he had punched then punched him in the face, which caused a cut and swelling by his left eye, the police report said. Both men refused medical treatment, the police report said. Neither party pressed charges, the report stated.

Man Steals Batteries from Home Depot: New Rochelle Police responded to a report of theft at a New Rochelle Home Depot Feb. 7. According to the police report, an unknown man allegedly stole batteries. The complainant, an asset protection specialist for Home Depot, told police he witnessed a black male pick up a two-pack of Milwaukee batteries, walk to the back of the store and remove the batteries from the package using a pair of pliers he had in his pocket. The complainant also told police that he saw the man put the batteries in his right jacket pocket and leave the store without paying for the batteries.

Two New Rochelle Men Arrested: Jerome Faulkner, 27, of New Rochelle, was arrested Nov. 17 and charged with criminal possession of marijuana. Lawrence D Lee, 30, of New Rochelle, was arrested Nov. 17 and charged with criminal possession of a weapon (second degree), criminal possession of a firearm and criminal possession of marijuana.