New Novella, Human Arithmetic, Now Available for Download

New Novella, Human Arithmetic, Now Available for Download

Written By: Talk of the Sound News


Human Arithmetic is at its core a story about people seeking a better life for themselves and not always landing in the most desirable of places as of a result.

Feeling that his life has come to a standstill, Warren picks up and moves half way across the country to Wichita, Kansas. His life is almost immediately altered when he receives an erroneous phone call that unexpectedly connects him with Trudy, the estranged mother of his apartment’s former tenant, Abby. At Trudy’s urging, Warren attempts to find out where Abby went and quickly discovers an ugly truth: she is in prison for manslaughter, having killed her boyfriend roughly a year earlier. It isn’t long before Trudy is on her way to visit Warren, hoping to convince him to reach out to Abby and help reconnect the two of them. While he is extremely reluctant to get involved any further with a woman he barely knows and a convict he does not even want to know, he falls victim to a brutal home invasion and assault that leaves him injured and in Trudy’s care. Feeling obligated to help his new found caretaker, Warren relents and contacts her incarcerated daughter, though Trudy urges him to not yet reveal that she’s in town, fearing Abby may not be ready to make amends. As a result, Warren’s new life becomes increasingly defined by his growing friendships with these two women. But things soon take an unusual and harrowing turn for him, which may lead him to regret having ever uprooted his old life in the first place. 

Human Arithmetic is self-published by

Rasmus Rastis and Frank Gerard

ISBN: 9781311521910

Published: March 7, 2006

Available online at

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