Environmental Center Launches Local ‘Sheldrake Blog’

Environmental Center Launches Local ‘Sheldrake Blog’

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

WHITE PLAINS, NY — hen do spring peepers start peeping and where can I find them? What’s that little pink flower popping up all over  my backyard? Answers to these and other questions about local wildlife and nature are now available online at the “Sheldrake Blog.”  Sheldrake Environmental Center recently created the blog to provide timely, seasonal information on subjects ranging from trees to frogs, birds, flowers and beyond.

“We are thrilled to be able to share our specialized knowledge regarding local flora and fauna with area residents,” says Executive Director, Mary Ellen Kelly. The “Sheldrake Blog” is written and edited by Board Member and Environmental Educator, Cindy Olsen,  a Larchmont resident. Olsen is recruiting bloggers from within the organization and posts new content regularly.

Sheldrake has more than 30 trained Volunteer Environmental Educators who annually lead 2300 school aged children on field trips, provide nature education to families on weekends, and participate in community events with nature-themed activities. “Sheldrake has a reputation for providing excellent nature-based education,” notes Kelly. “So it only seems natural that we extend our reach through the use of a blog.”

Recent blog posts include “Spring Ephemerals: Woodland’s Confetti” by Svetlana Wasserman, and “Spring Peepers” by Cindy Olsen.

Earlier this spring, Sheldrake re-designed its website to make it easier to navigate and to provide more content. In addition to the “Sheldrake Blog,” the website now includes event listings, a property map, and information about the Larchmont Conservancy.

“If you are interested in observing seasonal changes through the lens of the natural world, I encourage you to subscribe to this blog,” says Kelly. The blog can be found on Sheldrake’s website: www.sheldrakecenter.org