File Photo (Courtesy of News12): Robert Bobby DeVivo

New Rochelle Police Foundation “Corporate Leader of the Year” Busted by New Rochelle Police

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The reigning New Rochelle Corporate Leader of the Year was arrested two weeks ago in New Rochelle.

Robert DeVivo, 48, owner of Flowers By Sutton located at 296 Huguenot Street in New Rochelle was arrested June 21 shortly after 9 a.m. following a routine traffic stop by New Rochelle Police.

Eight months ago, at the New Rochelle Police Foundation Ball held at the Greentree County Club on October 15 2015, DeVivo was honored by Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll and his New Rochelle Police Foundation as New Rochelle Corporate Leader of the Year based on his “outstanding service and dedication to the community”.

Business owners have complained for years that Carroll has done special favors for DeVivo in exchange for floral arrangements provided “on the cuff”. They have acomplained for years that DeVivo has been allowed to dump trash on city sidewalks where it is picked up, at no cost, by New Rochelle sanitation workers. Others have complained of a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the back of the store.

DeVivo was stopped by police after he was observed driving a motorcycle without a helmet by a police officer parked in his vehicle in front of Alvin & Friends Restaurant at 14 Memorial Highway in New Rochelle.

A DMV check by the police showed that DeVivo’s license was suspended as of March 2007 due to failure to pay child support. The registration of the motorcycle had expired April 30, 2016. Safeway was called to impound the motorcycle and DeVivo was issued two traffic summons.

A warrant check showed that a bench warrant had been issued for DeVivo by the New Rochelle City Court on August 15, 2014. DeVivo was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters without incident.

Patrick Carroll and the New Rochelle Police Foundation have been a source of controversy in New Rochelle for years.

New Rochelle Police Foundation board member Anthony Piliero was arrested by the FBI and tried on charges that he conspired to murder a former business partner. Piliero was acquitted at trial.

New Rochelle Police Foundation board member Jimmy Rodriquez, was arrested based on claims that drove his car into his wife following a dispute. Major League Baseball banned major league players from Rodriquez’s restaurant Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe due to reports of drug dealing on the premises.

New Rochelle Police Foundation board member Mauro Zonzini was arrested on charges related to impersonating a police officer after unilaterally joining in a police chase of a robbery suspect in Rye, NY. Police Commissioner Carroll intervened on behalf of Zonzini. The charges were later dropped and Zonzini’s replica gold shield was returned to Carroll.

New Rochelle Police Foundation board member Alvin Clayton, owner of Alvin & Friends, has had issues related to the failure to pay property taxes on 14 Memorial Highway, the building which houses his restaurant and the location where DeVivo was observed driving a motorcycle without a helmet.

New Rochelle Police Foundation board members include two men well-known to Talk of the Sound readers: Domenic Procopio of the New Rochelle Civil Service Commissioner and Steve Horton, recently resigned as the longtime Executive Director for the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority.

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