HOORAY! Talk of the Sound 8th Anniversary

Written By: Robert Cox

To the joy of many and the dismay of some, Talk of the Sound keeps on keeping on as we roll into our 8th year of publication.

To celebrate, we have put out the virtual tin cup for folks who would like to drop a few coins in and help me scrape together some cash to feed my children (or at least buy me a nice cigar!).

You can find the paypal button in the upper right corner of the page.

The actual anniversary is September 1, 2008. Back then the hope among many in City Hall was that we would just go away. When we did not many folks tried to ignore us. When that did not work they began attacking us (and me), the site, and worse. Despite death threats, violence, bogus criminal complaints, unfounded civil lawsuits and more, we just keep on going. We have beat back every attempt to shut down this site and will continue to do so. We our accountable to our readers and no one else.

At this point, I think it is safe to say that most people in New Rochelle have accepted that Talk of the Sound is just a fact of life, that when we run a story about the latest scandal or outrage, readers know it’s true despite whatever whining or denials might be made by the guilty parties.

To all those loyal readers over the years, thank you for support. For those who are new, feel free to dig into some of the older articles and enjoy. 

To those who have supported us financially over the years – Thanks! That includes our advertisers: Habitat for Humanity of Westchester, Librett’s Real Estate, AJ’s Burgers, Monroe College, Talner’s Jewelry, Gundelach’s, Richard St. Paul Law Firm, Convey Media, A-Games Sports, First Touch Soccer Academy, New Rochelle Prescription Center, Rose Hill Nursery, Battiato & Associates, and anyone I may have missed (let me know and I will add you here).

Robert Cox

Managing Editor

Talk of the Sound

One thought on “HOORAY! Talk of the Sound 8th Anniversary”

  1. Quite a Milestone

    Who’d have thunk it? One guy, armed with a computer and a fistfull of questions, sets out to provide the community with news and reporting on the things that matter most in our everyday lives. Like Toto pullling back the curtain, he managed to uncover the truth and identity of some of the most dastardly wizards in town. Through his tenacity, we were afforded the opportunity to look closely at the good, the bad, and to certain degree ourselves as this city  worked its way through some of its greatest challenges. 

    For  those of you that remember the early days, when there was annonymous commenting, the pushback was dauntless. Whole government agencies, disgruntled employees, and countless groups of the self-serving elements of the city were on a witch hunt hoping to stop the free flow of information. Most people would have turned tail and ran, but if you know Bob, well….

    There was actually a time when people only spoke in hushed tones when discussing something they read in Talk of the Sound for fear of reprisal if the wrong person knew you were reading the site. Can you imagine! That’s so cool. It was like we were the underground resistance in some banana republic regime. (some things never change)

    Anyhow, watching this news site snowball into the powerhouse it has become has been sort of like watching one of your own grow up to be a successful member of society. A little wonky through those teen years, but all in all, a source of pride.

    So, congratulations to Talk of the Sound and to you Bob!. When they talk of the many good things in this city, rest assured, TOS is among them.  

    Yours Truly

    John D

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