NYP/Youth Anxiety Center Program tackles Mental Health Issues in Emerging Adults

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Special onsideration in Addressing the Mental Health Needs of College Students

Meet the Staff of New York-Presbyterian’s

Inpatient College Program

Hosted by:

New York-Presbyterian/ Youth Anxiety Center

Thursday, October 20th 7:30 am to 12:30 pm

Speakers and Topics:

Emerging Adulthood:

A New Development Period

Shannon Bennett, PhD.

Anxiety and Depression aoung College Students: A Deverlopmental Prespective

John Wlakup, MD

LEAP Program for Emerging Adults:

Shannon Bennet, PhD.

The Management of Psychatric

Hospitalization for College Students – Balancing the Needs and Expectations of the College, Family and School

Patricia Marino, PhD

New York-Presbyterian’s College Track

Steve Roth, MD abd Patricia Marino, PhD