New Rochelle Schools Comply with New State Regulations on Lead-Water Testing at Elementary Schools

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Schools Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne issued a statement Wednesday updating the New Rochelle school community on ongoing lead-water testing in buildings throughout the school district.

In the statement, Osborne notes that on September 6th, 2016, New York State implemented new legislation and regulations requiring all potential drinking water outlets in elementary schools to be tested for lead by September 30th. Previously, the City School District of New Rochelle had conducted testing at water fountains and sinks but not all *potential* drinking water outlets

The new definition includes all potential sources from lavatory faucets to science room sinks, resulting in the need to go back and test additional faucets in each elementary school. The law also requires all faucets in grades 6-12 to be tested prior to October 31st. The next round of testing will be conducted at Isaac E. Young Middle School, Albert Leonard Middle School, and New Rochelle High School, and will be completed by October 31st.

William B. Ward Elementary had three very high readings, 5050 ppb  in the Main Sink in Room 27, 2420 ppb in the Ground Sink in Room 129 and 178 ppb in  School Ground Sink 11 in Room 118 (Lab). Columbus Elementary School had one very high reading, 515 ppb in the 1st Sink in Room 38.

Of the 54 samples collected at Daniel Webster Elementary School, none had lead concentrations that exceeded 15 ppb. 

Of the 76 samples collected at Columbus Elementary School, seven (9.2%) had lead concentrations that exceeded 15 ppb.

Of the 64 samples collected at Trinity Elementary School, three (4.7%) had lead concentrations that exceeded 15 ppb.

Of the 125 samples collected at William B. Ward Elementary School, 44 (35.2%) had lead concentrations that exceeded 15 ppb.

Of the 54 samples collected at Jefferson Elementary School, four (7.4%) had lead concentrations that exceeded 15 ppb. 

Of the four samples collected at George M. Davis Elementary School, one (25.0%) had lead concentrations that exceeded 15 ppb.

Of the 40 samples collected at Barnard Early Childhood Center, five (12.5%) had lead concentrations that exceeded 15 ppb.

The elementary testing was completed during the week ending September 30.  The results were received electronically on October 12th, and the results were provided to the Westchester Department of Health within one business day as required under the new law.  The new law also requires that the district notify the public within 10 days of receiving the results. This communication meets that requirement.

All additional sampling results for each of the seven elementary schools are now available at www.nred.org.  This additional sampling resulted in a total of 64 additional outlets that exceeded the standard of 15ppb of lead.  All outlets were either shut off effective October 13th or labeled a non-drinking water source with signage approved by New York State Department of Health.

As previously reported, the District has shut off earlier affected water sources and bottled water and/or water coolers are being provided to students and staff.

Letter to Community with Lead-Water Testing Data