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Tennis Falls at Home to Pratt Institute

Written By: College of New Rochelle Sports

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The College of New Rochelle Womens Tennis team took on Pratt Institute Saturday afternoon in a crucial Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference matchup at Beckwith Pointe.  CNR battled in several key games, but came up short each time, resulting in a 9-0 setback.  The Blue Angels fall to 1-1 in the conference and 1-8 overall.

Pratt Institute 9, College of New Rochelle 0

Singles competition

1. Amanda Twu (PRATT) def. Sydney Thompson (CNRWT16) 10-8

2. Melanie Kania (PRATT) def. Chloe Wang (CNRWT16) 10-1

3. Haddie Webster (PRATT) def. Yveline Lamothe (CNRWT16) 10-0

4. Yilin Yan (PRATT) def. Jhosalie Danseco (CNRWT16) 10-1

5. Eva Hsu (PRATT) def. Oumie Jobarteh (CNRWT16) 10-2

6. Sofiya Levina (PRATT) def. Carolyn Spillane (CNRWT16) 10-5

Doubles competition

1. Amanda Twu/Melanie Kania (PRATT) def. Chloe Wang/Sydney Thompson (CNRWT16) 8-1

2. Haddie Webster/Yilin Yan (PRATT) def. Jhosalie Danseco/Yveline Lamothe (CNRWT16) 8-1

3. Eva Hsu/Sofiya Levina (PRATT) def. Oumie Jobarteh/Carolyn Spillane (CNRWT16) 8-6

Match Notes:

Pratt Institute 7-3

College of New Rochelle 1-8