Visiting Author Urges Students to Discover Their Own Stories

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — On November 14, 2016, our Visiting Author Series continued with the excellent presentation by Camron Wright, author of “The Rent Collector.” All of our high school students and faculty read the book this past summer. We were intrigued to learn how Mr. Wright was inspired to write the book after seeing a documentary film, “River of Victory” produced by his son about people living at the Stung Meanchey municipal dump in Cambodia.

When asked how much of the book is fiction, Mr. Wright responded, “Truth is consistent, whether fictional or real life. I agree with what Ernest Hemmingway is reported to have said, ‘All good books have one thing in common, they are truer than if they had really happened.'”

The story centers on a woman named Sang Ly who is desperate to save her sick son, even as she and her husband struggle to survive. It is universal in terms of its message of hope, the importance of second chances, and the value of joy.

Mr. Wright exhorted the students, “We all have paths, we all get to choose. We are each living our own story. If you are struggling, I implore you not to give up in the middle. The struggle is the best part. You can overcome problems. You are part of a great generation. Make wise choices; be grateful.”

The book has received several accolades, including being named Book of the Year, Fiction, from Foreword Reviews and Honorable Mention at the Great Southwest Book Festival.

We thank Mr. Wright for sharing his empowering message with our school community. It was a truly outstanding day with the author of an exceptional novel!