New Rochelle High School Administrator May Return Next Week After Unexplained Month-Long Absence

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — David Diamond, Assistant Director of Special Education at New Rochelle High School, will return to work next week after an unexplained month-long absence. This according to an email sent yesterday to special education staff at the high school.

Joseph Starvaggi, NRHS Assistant Principal, responded to weeks of speculation as to the sudden disappearance of Diamond, saying: 

“Just to let you know, it seems that David will be returning to school Monday. This is not confirmed but seems likely. If, in the meantime, you have any issues specifically related to special education, please call Yvette. Any other concerns can be brought to me directly.”

“Yvette” refers to Yvette Goorevitch, Director of Special & Alternative Education for the City School District of New Rochelle.

Multiple sources tell Talk of the Sound that Diamond was suspended following allegations of inappropriate behavior reported by a District employee made initially to Starvaggi then repeated by the employee to Joseph Williams, Assistant to the Superintendent for Human Resources.

These sources say Diamond denied the allegation and declined a request by Williams to resign asserting he did nothing wrong.

Neither Diamond nor the District responded to a request for comment.

Talk of the Sound has a great deal of information concerning this matter but is not prepared to publish further information at this time.


EDITOR’S NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, the spouse of Robert Cox works in special education in the District, although assigned to work at a local parochial school she reports directly to David Diamond. She has no knowledge of this matter and was unaware until yesterday that Diamond had not been reporting to work. She did not receive a copy of the Starvaggi email.