Con Edison Portable Generator Ignites Shingles at New Rochelle Home

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — A New Rochelle family is blaming Con Edison for a dangerous fire incident at their home located at 373 Forest Avenue.

Due to transformer issues in the vicinity, likely a remnant of an auto collision into a utility on Pinebrook Boulevard several years ago, the two houses on the Southeast corner of Pinebrook Boulevard and Forest Avenue do not have a typical electrical hookup.

Instead, Con Edison installed Phazesavers at each house. Phasesaver is a power restoration device designed by Con Edison to provide electrical power on a temporary basis.

The result has been brownouts and power surges causing damage to appliances, according to the homeowner.

“We’ve had ongoing trouble for years”, said Roy Markell who own the house at 373 Forest Avenue. “This evening we came home and there was brownouts and flickering.”

“We went outside to take a look and saw smoldering and smoke up the side of the house where the Con Ed generator is located.”

New Rochelle firefighters responded quickly, ripping shingles off the side of the house above where the Phazesaver was placed by Con Edison.

Markell is frustrated.

“We have not presented our claims to Con Ed for damage because we’re not done being repaired,” said Markell. “I just want the thing to be fixed and get on with my life”.