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Why is Clove Road in New Rochelle a Mess and What Can Con Edison Do About it?

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY —- Clove Road in New Rochelle is a secondary road but an important one, connecting various parts of the City with New Rochelle High School located at 265 Clove Road. ON weekends, the road is used by people coming and going from Holy Family Church.

The section of Clove Road between Mayflower Avenue and Eastchester Road has become an increasing problem since work was done on the street by Con Edison.

“It is incredibly frustrating dealing with Con Edison,” said City Manager Chuck Strome. “They apparently have more gas main work to do on Clove in June so we will be holding off on repaving it until their time frame is clarified.”

Clove Road was scheduled to be paved last year and then again this year but Con Edison now has plans to work on the gas line on Clove Road. Work that had been forecast to be completed in June or July may be pushed back.

Originally, Clove Road was in the 2016 Resurfacing contract between the City and Con Edison but work was postponed due to the gas main replacement.

“We do not want to pave it and then have Con Edison come in and dig it up right after we finish.” said Strome. “They have done that to us on numerous occasions.”