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Alvin & Friends Now Open WITHOUT a Sidewalk Cafe Permit

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Alvin & Friends Restaurant is currently operating a sidewalk cafe without a Sidewalk Cafe Permit. As reported yesterday, Alvin & Friends has operated for years without a proper Sidewalk Cafe permit.

Applicant Alvin Clayton Fernandes submitted a permit application on Friday after Talk of the Sound notified him that there was no Sidewalk Cafe Permit for his restaurant.

Applying for a permit is, of course, not the same as being granted a permit which requires payment of fees, deposits and presentation of a million dollar liability insurance policy naming the Public Works Department as benefecieary.

Tables and chairs that had been removed last night were back, with table clothers and sets up on the tables. Two patrons were seated at one of the tables.


Sidewalk Cafe Permits for Alvin & Friends in New Rochelle Are Problematic