David Diamond

New Rochelle Special Education Administrator David Diamond Disappears (again)

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — David Diamond, Assistant Director of Special Education at New Rochelle High School, is back on the hot seat after reports that he was once again caught with students in his office despite clear warnings from school officials not to allow students in his office.

There are various reports, none officially confirmed, that Diamond was fired, forced to resign, brought up on charges under a State Education Department hearing or suspended pending further action. In any event, Diamond did not report to work over the past several days and is not expected to return — ever.

This latest incidents comes on the heels of a March 23rd incident where it is alleged had had inappropriate contact with a 17-year old male student. Diamond did not report to work for a month. He returned on April 24th.

At the time, school officials reportedly sought Diamond’s resignation but Diamond “lawyered up” and refused to resign.

Talk of the Sound learned that upon his return in April efforts were undertaken to monitor David Diamond and the area in and around his office.

Diamond was ordered not to allow student’s in his office at New Rochelle High School, not to have students in the building at all during Regent’s Exam Week and to stay away from the student involved in the March 23rd incident.

Diamond allegedly violated all three of these orders and so, on top of other charges, has exposed himself to charges of insubordination. Video surveillance is said to have confirmed that Diamond had two students in his office, that he had students in the building during Regent’s Exam Week and that he made a specific request to be placed on the exam proctor schedule for the student involved in the March 23rd incident.

In the March 23rd, a teacher reportedly entered David Diamond’s office.  The teacher has reportedly alleged that she saw Diamond seated at his desk and a 17-year old male student standing behind Diamond’s desk. The boy’s shirt was allegedly pulled up over his chest and Diamond had both hands on the student’s stomach, rubbing the student’s body. Diamond was described as “flushed” and red-faced as the teacher walked out.

The Diamond case should have a familiar echo for New Rochelle school officials. In 2011, Jose Martinez was arrested after he admitted to repeatedly have sex with a student in his officer (there were allegations of up to four students, possibly more). At the time, New Rochelle police detectives examined Martinez’ office with a blacklight and found semen stains throughout the office including on a couch, a chair and the floor. 

New Rochelle Police told Talk of the Sound they did receive a report on Diamond pertaining to the March 23rd incident but were unaware of any further complaints about Diamond to NRPD. At the time, former School Board President Sara Richmond, now working as outside counsel for the District, contacted the police to report there had been an allegation but, according to police officials, minimized it and did not file a formal complaint.

It remains to be seen whether any effort will be made by the New Rochelle Police to conduct a blacklight investigation in David Diamond’s office.

Allegations concerning similar misconduct by Diamond go back to his initial hire sevearl year ago, according to several sources at the high school.

David Diamond was the moderator for the New Rochelle High School Gay/Straight Alliance but, according to sources, removed from that position in April although the Board of Education, last month, did approve a full-year stipend for Diamond for that position.

Since our original story ran in April, multiple sources have claimed that Diamond left his previous job at Lakeland School District amidst similar allegations.

Diamond did not respond to previous emails seeking comment. We have no current contact information for Diamond. The City School District of New Rochelle does not comment on personnel matters.