New Rochelle Firefighter Greg Rigos pulls deer fawn to safety from open dry well

New Rochelle Fire Department Rescues Deer Fawn from Dry Well

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — The New Rochelle Firefighters pulled off a brilliant rescue of a small deer fawn trapped in a dry well behind a home on Pinebrook Boulevard near Stratton Road this afternoon.

A neighbor called firefighers to the scene after hearing the bleating cries of the trapped animal. The mother deer and another sibling stood waiting nearby as firerighters worked to drop a man into the 25 feet deep well, corrall the spry and elusive fawn and pull him up. After several minutes of struggle attempting to get his arms around the deer, firefighter Greg Rigos was able to hold him then get a blanket over the fawn’s head. Other firefighters pulled Rigos and the fawn up to the surface. Rigos handed the fawn off to Lt. Joseph Oliva.

Oliva walked the fawn about 40 feet away in the direction where the rest of the family had last been seen and released the fawn. The fawn immediately bounded back in the direction of the hole but Oliva was was quick enough to grab the baby deer, turn him around and send him on his way.

The deer appeared to be uninjured and the deer was released without harm to rejoin his family.

Watch YouTube video here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For news organizations, the pre-uploaded video is here, use with credit “Courtesty of @TalkoftheSound”. We have raw 4K video too but too big for us to upload.