ArtsFest 2017

ArtsFest 2017

Written By: Talk of the Sound News

PELHAM, NY — Pelham Art Center will be a vibrant part of ArtsFest 2017, a two-town art weekend adventure on October 7 and 8 in New Rochelle and Pelham.  Both Saturday and Sunday 12-4 pm will be packed with art-related activities at Pelham Art Center (PAC) and Wolf Lanes Park, so plan to spend the afternoon.   Ride the trolley to various events and exhibitions in Pelham and New Rochelle.



Saturday Schedule

Wolfs Lane Park:

Opening of new sculptural works Touch Stones by Beatrice Wolert 12:00-1:30 pm


Pelham Art Center:

Performance and Workshop: Folk Arts Story Telling by Tom Lee, 2:30-3:30 pm


Sunday Schedule

Pelham Art Center:

Performance: Soprano singer Andrew Chukwuka Egbuchiem 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Performance: “Best of 650” Live reading series 2:00 – 3:00 pm


Both Days:

Pelham Art Center Gallery exhibition: The Children’s Hour

Sculpture in the PAC Courtyard and Wolfs Lane Park


About the Performers:

Beatrice Wolert – Touch Stones, Opening Saturday 12:00-1:30 pm in Wolfs Lane Park.

A touchstone is a reference point from which other things can be evaluated. The work is meant to highlight how Wolfs Lane Park is a touchstone for the community.  The “Touchstones” are intended for the participant to interact with by viewing and touching the textures. Beatrice Wolert is the owner of Bea Wolert Studio, LLC in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  She works between genres to explore concepts of impermanence, essentiality and serendipity through the transformation of everyday materials and found objects. 

Tom Lee – Professional Storyteller, Saturday 2:30-3:30 pm at PAC,

Tom is a professional storyteller with thirty years’ experience performing traditional stories, folktales, and myths for adults and for children all around the US. His repertoire offers myths and stories from cultures around the world; some are centuries old, some originated thousands of years ago. As a frequent guest artist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, he brings together his passion for research, art, and story, continually connecting with new audiences of all ages.  In addition, Tom is a performing arts partner with the Yale Center for British Art and the Metropolitan Opera Education Conference.  He is also the artistic director of artsVOYAGE at Spencertown. 

Andrew Chukwuka Egbuchiem – Sunday 12-1:00 pm at PAC.

Andrew will perform operatic works with piano and cello, Nigerian art music, Negro Spirituals and more.  A family friendly performance; all ages welcome. Andrew sees music performance as way to reach out to another soul through sounds, in a way words alone can never express. He made his debut as a countertenor soloist in the performance of G.F. Handel’s Judas Maccabeus in Nigeria in 1999. He studied at the Department of Music, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, 2001-2004. He was Artist in Residence at Singers of United Lands Project, 2013-14. Andrew has toured through the east half of the United States, Kenya, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and Latvia.

The Best of 650, Featured writers – Sunday 2-3:00 pm at PAC.

“650” is the maximum word count for featured stories: two pages that can be read aloud in five minutes. Ten accomplished Westchester County writers who’ve appeared in previous 650 events in New York City and elsewhere will be featured in this “Best of 650” show, performing their essays on themes ranging from Love and Marriage and What We Wore to The First Time and Tales of New York. The show will conclude with a wine and cheese reception. Readers: Ann Casapini , Larry Garland, Karen Dukess, David Masello, The Reverend Cari Pattison, Angela Deracas Taylor , Julie Trelstad, John Gredler, Anna Geraldine Paret and Edward McCann. 

Exhibition: The Children’s Hour – Artists examine social issues through the lens of childhood dreams, fables and humor offering an often sly commentary on social situations and human culture. Works by Randy Bolton, Holland Cunningham, Cristina Grassi, Elizabeth Holtry, Scott Hunt, Leslie Lerner, Dennis Masback, and Andrew Shears. Curated by Lisa Banner


Other Artists Involved:


Maria Liebana,

Sales of ceramic works at the PAC Courtyard, Sunday 12-4:00 pm


Anki King,

Sculpture Nature Nurture in the PAC Courtyard, continuous


Highbrook Studios – Open House

222 Highbrook Ave. N. Pelham, 914-426-6966,

The Artists Exhibiting:

Frank Buddingh, John Mignault, Stacy Miller, Victoria Rolett, Kathy Rutsch, Scott Seaboldt, and featuring Mount Vernon artists Barry Mason and Lance Johnson.