Who is George Latimer? Part VIII

Written By: Robert Cox

The email I got back from the DMV was more startling than I could have imagined. Not only was his registration suspended — it was STILL suspended months later. Why?

The suspension was effective July 22, 2017 and remains in effect.

I replied immediately;

Thank you, I have made out a public records request into Yonkers and so will wait to hear back on the tickets.

I am asking about this vehicle.

Reg# DFG3951


NY registration

Revoked since July 22

To go back to an early question, was this vehicle ever assigned special plates (i.e. NYS Senate?)

And one additional question as this vehicle registration has been suspended for about 3 months — were the plates turned in and has the car remained insured while the registration was suspended?


I made a FOIL request to the City of Yonkers on October 25th and received a confirmation from the Yonkers Parking Violations Bureau that my records request had been received on October 31st. I have yet to receive any records from Yonkers.

On October 25th, I published a story that in retrospect goes a long way towards explaining Latimer’s hostile response to what I believe were rather obvious questions about his car crash — or any car crash – given the police report of the incident.

SCOFFLAW: George Latimer Vehicle Registration Suspended Since Day After New Rochelle Car Crash Due to Nonpayment of Parking Violations in Yonkers

Meanwhile the Post ran a follow up piece on the Latimer-Kettner getaway to London:

State senator says rival’s attack on skipped votes is a ‘distraction’

On October 26th, Ray Raimundi of FiOS1News, ran a TV report on my story on Latimer missing three budget votes while he was in London with Kettner.

Latimer on the defensive after allegations over missed budget vote

“An article in the New York Post alleges that Latimer missed the vote to take a trip overseas with a woman who was not his wife.”

Latimer was interviewed on camera and said this:

 “When we deal with our personal lives, those are personal things. I’m not gonna confirm or deny, i’m not going to involve myself in any speculation.”

“I got proper clearance. I was one of five senators that was excused for the vote, with the understanding that this was something I highlighted well in advance of the day this came up.”

As noted previously, the package included content from Talk of the Sound, without permission, but no credit for breaking the story.

The shocker came later that night when I was told that Andrew Whitman, of all people, was breathlessly introduced on FiOS1NEws with, ironically, a “First on FiOS1” report on “Major developments in race for Westchester Executive” leading off with George Latimer in studio taking questions from Whitman about my story, citing Talk of the Sound as a source, using my content and basing his questions on my reporting. I do not have FiOS so I had to wait until the interview was published online later that might. It was worth the wait.

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