What happens if Noam Bramson resigns as Mayor of New Rochelle?

Written By: Robert Cox

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — There is widespread speculation that Noam Bramson may become the next Deputy Westchester County Executive in a George Latimer Administration.

Bramson has dismissed the rumors.

“The rumor-mill is demonstrating its usual accuracy,” Bramson told Talk of the Sound. “I have had no conversations about and have devoted no thought to this possibility.”

While discounting the idea, Bramson’s response is not Shermanesque either. And the rumors have only grown louder.

So, what does happen if Noam Bramson resigns as Mayor of New Rochelle?

City Manager Charles B. Strome explained the process.

If the Mayor resigns, the City Council would appoint someone to be Mayor until the next election cycle in November 2018.

The Council cannot make the appointment until the position is vacant, meaning only six members of Council would make the decision; now-former Mayor would not be able to vote.

A Member of Council would be able to vote for themselves for Mayor in the Council vote.

A special election would be held for Mayor in November 2018 to complete the now-current Mayor’s existing term until the end of 2019.

Another election for a full four year term would be held in November 2019.