The Winterfest Concerts

12/21 The Winterfest Concerts 07:30 PM

Written By: City School District of New Rochelle

NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Are you ready for two nights of music for the season? The Winterfest Concerts are here!

On Wednesday and Thursday (12/20 & 12/21), the Whitney Young Auditorium will be filled with the sounds of the New Rochelle High School musicians, who are preparing for the winter highlight so grand it can’t be held to one night.

On Wednesday, the Symphonic Band, Huguenot Orchestra and Concert Band will perform the Winterfest Instrumental concert. They will play pieces by Mozart, Leroy Anderson and others.

On Thursday, the Choraleers, PAVE Vocal Ensemble, Renaissance Choir and Chorale, with by the Orchestra, will perform the Choral Concert. The performance will include pieces from Handel’s Messiah, variations on Jingle Bells and other holiday season pieces.

Both concerts begin at 7 p.m. near the high school’s Clove Road entrance.