TODAY Show Spotlights Student, Meals on Wheels

TODAY Show Spotlights Student, Meals on Wheels

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY — Yes, that was New Rochelle High School senior Nicholas Pallotta on the TODAY show recently, helping turn a spotlight on the importance of Meals on Wheels – and offering an example of New Rochelle spirit to a wide audience.

Pallotta’s friends told him their relatives from other states called to ask them about the segment.

“It’s a very cool experience to think that people around the nation are seeing it,” Pallotta said. “I hope there’s increased attention to Meals on Wheels, not just in New Rochelle.”

“We are so extremely proud of Nick!” said New Rochelle High School Principal Reginald Richardson. Several people also commended him when the video was posted on the District’s Facebook page.

Pallotta and his younger sister, Genevieve, have helped out with the organization that provides warm meals and companionship to the homebound since their mother, Maureen Pallotta, became involved with it 10 years ago. Just seven years old then, Nicholas Pallotta carried the cooler with drinks. Now he has his own routes, with people he delivers to regularly when he can – on schools breaks and during the summer.

He has also gotten schoolmates to help out, including members of the Huguenots football team.

“They had fun doing it together,” Maureen Pallotta said.